Neighbors talking of the critter kind

And the language they were using was awful. Another morning of being woke up just before 5 am by my four legged friends, local wolves do enjoy seeing how many people that will turn on the outside lights. Never do see them but boy oh boy can they sing. Must have been a pack with youngsters, some of the howling was different, beginners I guess. My football games don't start until 1 pm something so may be able to get in a mid morning nap.

Now that 'the knee socks' are finished will start another pair of just scrap socks using a many leftover bits of greens as I can find (and that might be many). And soon I want to make several more pair of mini socks.

Yesterdays chicken with rice soup was successful, ended up not having any brown rice so used white, Had a new 2 lb bag of that. One of the few thing that I have lots of. So instead of wondering when I could get anything done for supper (football and then Downton Abbey), will be able to reheat my favorite meal, soup. And no dishes to worry about except for a bowl, spoon and pan to reheat soup in.

Still wanting to do a 3/4 sleeve sweater knit from sleeve to sleeve, not finding any patterns that I like will unvent something, have lots of handspun in DK weight in blues, greens and purples, heavy enuff to be warm but not so heavy to be uncomfortable. And the yarn for the Feb Ladies sweater is done and waiting in the wings.


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