Thought I was updating my blog instead just a Facebook message. Heck & darn. Having trouble sending messages from laptop so all this may be in vain, but will try.

Bought two colors of BFL from Smith & Ewe at Desert Mesa, both may or may not be going into sweaters down the road, want to wait and see yarn spun up first. For now just fiber to fondle.

Got the pair and a spare to Gudie, first glove I did had to much patterning in the fingers and they weren't as easy to get on as they should be so made another pair with solid colored fingers, much better. So this way if she should loose one a hard to get on spare will work. Also tried on the knee sock ribbing, wanted to make sure of fit before going any further, they fit her leg just fine so once current socks are finished will get back to work on the knee socks.

Had to hire a local boy to haul heavy things into the house from the car, two flats of water, suitcase, spinning wheel, chairs etc., etc. asked him if he would be interested in shoveling later and indeed he is. He lives quite close so that is a bonus, eager to help and $$ helps as well. I tweaked left knee and the carrying the heavier things up the steps just wasn't gonna happen.


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