The Pinkies

Finally finished the pinkies, seemed to take forever to get this pair done (Desert Mesa and OFFF cut into knitting time). Finished the toe last night and this morning dealt with all the ends while watching the fun & game news out of Toronto, what a mess that is turning out to be. Only a bit better than the other foolishshenigans from Ottawa.

Now that pinkies are done can get back to the wild & crazy knee socks for Gudie. Had put them on hold until I made sure of top ribbing fit, tried them on G while at DM looks like I guessed the number of stitches just right. About to do the second decrease row going down the leg.

Made a big batch of chicken vegetable soup yesterday (cabbage, kale, potatoes, carrots, and celery, leftover chicken) was a good batch and have enuff for supper tonight and maybe lunch tomorrow. Now that weather is getting cooler I will likely make soup once or more every week. Like it that much. Will have to pick up more kale, celery and carrots next trip to town.

Have granola bars for any trick or treaters I might get tonight.

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  1. Love the pinkies!

    I put a big crockpot of veggie soup with white beans on today for dinner tonight - we love soups and stews in the cooler weather.

  2. Fun socks! Made my first parsnip and apple creamed soup and it's yummy. Thanks for the info regarding BC weather and I'll keep you posted on how my son's trip goes.

  3. Some years get a few, but nothing this year so will take granola bars to Knitting Bee on Wednesday.

  4. Have you had any snow yet? Soup sounds good now, that it's cold outside.


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