OFFF redo

Got home last Friday from the OFFF trip, left Gail's Thursday morning and drove up towards the high country. Stopped in Spences Bridge for what I had hoped to be 20 lbs. real field ripened tomatoes, organic (the kind grown outside in real dirt) but once there found I had to buy 30 lbs. (what a hardship), was a u pick deal but when he saw my handicapped permit on car guy picked for me. Sweet. And I have eaten one with every meal since getting home. Then traveled north and got to Denise's in the Willie and crashed, not feeling so hot, cold and chin bothering me. A good nights sleep and left Friday morning, home just around 3:30 pm, brought in perishables (half the 34 lbs. tomatoes) covered the rest and quit for the day, promptly fell asleep in recliner until 9 pm, got a shower and hit my bed. Over next couple of days brought in everything else from the car except for spinning wheel, will leave it there for upcoming DM trip.

My spinning wheel and turq merino-nylon mix I've been spinning forever (5 full bobbins), Gail & Karen in upstairs Pavilion at OFFF, spinners across the circle and latest socks.

Now 4 days after getting home chin is all healed, looking normal (Hallelujah), cough from the cold lingers but getting better every day. Will be getting snow tires on the car next trip in, want them on the car for trip down to Cache Creek, lots of snow on many of local highways, Coquihalla, and the OK connector, while I won't be going that way it means its coming.

Will be taking Gudie's knee socks (the start of) with me to DM want to try them on her before I go any further, have ribbing done and maybe 30 rows past just want to make sure of fit.


  1. So glad to hear you're feeling better! Mmmm, homegrown tomatoes.


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