Home again

Down my driveway just after 12:30 on Tuesday, a day later than I thought I would be. Had problems with face rash again this time affecting my left eye area so back to emergency in Williams Lake (had my knitting this time) for blood work, etc., etc., antihistamines did the job so some sort of allergic reaction again. Heck & darn wish I knew what set everything off.

Nolund and Maela wearing the mittens I made for them and Maela with one of the 3 pair of socks she got earlier this fall.

Went to knitting bee today taking a couple of big ripe tomatoes, cucumber and bread for sandwiches, biggest group in a long time 7 were there so was glad tomatoes were big ones. Stopped first at the clinic so they would have a list of the face repairing meds on my chart.


  1. Did they check for Shingles? Dr wants me to get the shot. Not sure yet .


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