Desert Mesa day 3

Day 3 at Desert Mesa spinning long weekend. Group is making a shawl and everyone working on it will be entered in a draw for someone to take it home, have been getting pix as its gone about the room. I worked on the orange color then Gail got it and it went around. Pix of Sheila K and Nancy working on it, has grown quite a bit since last pix.

Last pix is Julia in an upcycled silk sari skirt that she salvaged.

The food this year is much better than last year, only thing for lunch on Friday they had those sausage things with a bun that made me so sick last year, needless to say I passed and just had a bowl of soup and some crackers. Tonight's supper was roast turkey with all the fixings, really excellent.

Will head north after lunch tomorrow and prolly home Monday.


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