Friend Linda stopped yesterday with goodies from her garden, she brought green beans, spinach, plus real eggs, canned salmon and canned sweet cherries along with just dug potatoes and some jam. So tonight for supper I ate green beans, spinach salad, and some swiss chard (I already had on hand). Can't decide if'n green beans or spinach are my favorites. Will soon make a trip for tomatoes, then will celebrate with cottage cheese and maters for every meal.

Working on third glove still, should have had ribbing done but instead have been reading books on iPad, freebies from Amazon. Think I have only 4 or 5 rows of ribbing left to do and then into the wild & crazy colors for main part of hand. No more new book reading until 3rd glove is done.

Think 4 or 5 times this month Tatlako was the coldest spot in BC, 0° or -1° for late August can do a number on local gardens. Can already see a bit of color in trees and the dogbane is rapidly turning bright yellow. Even had heat come on this morning in wool room, have thermostat set at 60° so was colder than that. Didn't stay on very long, just until sun came over east mountain.


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