Cool enuff this morning for wool socks, really felt good getting to wear socks again. And I LOVE the cooler weather, 5°C (41°F) at 6 this morning, wonderful. Maybe the hot dry weather is ready to move on.

Finally figured out how to ad pix to my Instagram page, took a while before I tumbled. And now can't even find it anywhere on the laptop, just avail on the IPad, weird.

Working on 2nd glove, just about finished the ribbing, 36 rows on 2.25 needles. Have started a list of things to buy when I get down to OFFF, mostly Hiya Hiya needles, 2.5 circulars 16 inch for me and 2 sets for Denise 2.25 16 inch circs to replace the Kollage I bought for her from Paradise, points on the 2.25 are wicked, used them for about 10 rows of ribbing and have a hole on finger from pushing stitches along. Guess they would be great for lace knitting. May try and find someplace to sell the 4 needles I have.


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