Went into town last Thursday, then stayed overnight with fellow spinner-knitter Denise & hubnut, meant I could get to Williams Lakes farmers market Friday morning. Bought swiss chard, nugget potatoes, eggs, beet greens with small tiny beets attached and baby spinach. Last nights supper was swiss chard with a large spinach salad complete with mandarin orange pieces and lots of fresh blueberries. If I didn't need some protein every once in awhile could live on salads and veggies.

Its been awhile since I made a pair of gloves so started a pair while in town to refresh my fingers using 3 almost solid colors in random patterns. All in preparation for making Gudies wild & crazy pair. The main color is a Lorna's Laces other two are leftovers from other projects. Every time that I make gloves am so thankful for the 4 inch dp needles I found one year down at OFFF, makes knitting the fingers so much easier.

When my old blog was up and running I had somewhat over 140 followers now with the new one only 60 have found me. Wonder where everyone else went, must be hiding in the bushes. A Google search for sockladyspins will find the new blog.

Had frost Thursday and Friday mornings, yeehaw. This morning just a tad over 32°, nice sleeping weather but not so good for local gardens. Another month plus should see the big tomato garden down in Spences Bridge (a different climate there, much warmer at night) up and selling, will I think make the long drive just to get a box of 20 lbs of my favorite veggie, combining the trip with something to do in Williams Lake. First box I got last year I ended up eating two tomatoes at first rest stop I came to. Most all went inside me but of course ripe tomatoes and eating by hand meant I wore quite a bit as well, was well worth it.


  1. I'm glad I found you again. I enjoy reading about all your sock knitting and life in the mountains. Have a great knitting/spinning week.


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