Thunderman and Lightfoot

Told someone in an email this morning that hadn't had any rain for two days, lied causes its coming down again, it will keep temps from climbing as high as predicted that's for sure. But do the mozzies ever like all this wet stuff and high grass to hide it. If it doesn't rain to much am hoping to be able to get to town tomorrow, banking and paying property taxes plus can always use more produce, down to a small amount of iceberg lettuce and one tomato. Want more blueberries and mandarin oranges if I can still get them.

Working on kidlet socks pair #5, 2 pr sent to NY and last 3 pr will go to HRH in Kamloops area. Pix when I finish current pair.

Discovered ICloud yesterday, if I buy something in ITunes store on my laptop it shows up on IPad, neat.

Weeds I call grass were cut while I was at NwRSA conference earlier this month, can't hardly tell that anything was done and in places that hadn't been cut weeds are waist high.


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