On the road again

Leaving this morning for Williams Lake then tomorrow west and home. Planning on picking up produce tomorrow and a few other errands in 'the Willie' then into the still cool high country.

Diane's socks fit (sorta) she thought they might be a tad big but I think a trip thru the dryer will do the trick.

Quiet spinning wheels at NwRSA conference and two of the key note speakers felted buddies. Conf this year was a bit smaller than usual, good thing as our spinning room was a bit on the smallish side. Lots of good vendors but missed Alice from Reflection Farms. Only bought 8 oz of black alpaca to card with some softer black wool at home.

The fallen bridge detour turned out to be a piece of cake, altho at peak driving it might have been a bit more interesting. we took the western side detour thru the farming area then into Mt. Vernon and back to I-5, think it didn't add much more than 5-10 minutes to trip. And of course all the rhodo's were in bloom, easy on the eyes.


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