Mac salad

3 eggs hard boiled & chopped, 3 cups chopped celery, about 1 1/2 cups small pieces extra old Tillamook cheddar cheese, and small shell macaroni. Dressing is 1/4 each sour creme and mayo and 1/2 plain yogurt, lots of dill, small amount ranch dry dressing, pepper, and a bit of garlic salt. Now will let it season in fridge until supper time, then take out what I want for supper and get it straight back into fridge. As the next couple of days get really hot (for in here) the cold mac salad will hit the spot. If my Mother was around she would have been into it as soon as dressing was mixed into the stuff, was without a doubt her favorite meal. Next will be doing the dishes, seem to generate quite a bit while making the salad.

Thought about making a dump run but just while getting paper garbage in car the mozzies were terrible and up at the dump with standing water they would have been way worse. So paper stuff can sit in car until another little rain shower sends them into hiding.


  1. Yum.... that sounds good!! I made a few salads myself yesterday and they do taste better for sitting around for a few hrs

  2. This sounds so good I'm trying it today! Thanks Lynne!
    Martha from Kansas


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