After fooling around with trying to WiFi my house have finally succeeded. Think I just held my mouth right this time. Just know that I am happy. Wowsers new light in bathroom and now WiFi easily pleased I am.

Finished another pair of kidlet socks this morning, this is pr # 3. Good way to use up small balls of leftovers. Will I think make a couple more before starting on Gudie's gloves. Pix of latest pr on my Facebook page. If'n I could figure out how to add it here would do so. For now the IPad is in learning how to use it mode. Aha drag the pix from Facebook to desktop then add to blog. Mac's are amazing.


  1. You are going to love both the wi-fi and the iPad! You might find your knitting/spinning production taking a serious hit over the next little while. Ha!


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