Williams Lake Spin In

Went into town Friday morning for DR appointment at 1:30 (he dug out a funny looking mole on upper left arm), then Saturday was the Spin In lots of good company and the guild ladies put on a super lunch. I took lots of pix and if I posted them someone would prolly knee cap me, not the most flattering of several ladies. Terry from Kamloops introduced herself to me wearing a pair of my socks that she bought from Mary-anne seems the ankle part of socks was to tight for MA, Terry was delighted with her purchase.

Didn't buy anything at Spin In, took a bunch of dyed bumps of roving and sold all but the two that I gave to Denise and Wendy for helping me haul my stuff into bldg. Saw several things that might be interesting down the road, after I get some of what I have on hand used up.

Also while in town I finished the 4th sock in the mess I started trying to make a pair for CP in NY, did first sock on 2.5 mm needles then started second sock way to late at night on 2.25 mm needles, was quite a size difference. So then did the second sock on the 2.5 mm needles and sent them away to NY. So still had the 2.25 sock, seriously thought about frogging it but several Facebook friends and email friends said to go ahead and make the second so I did.

Now home until its time to head south to Gail's then to Spokane for NwRSA conference. Nice in my wild mountain valley this time of year, snow is all gone, grass is green and leaves popped open on poplar trees while I was away for the weekend.


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