Headed for downtown Tatla Lake yesterday 9 ish, first to vote at Tatla Lake school, took all of 2 minutes, then to the clinic to get the stitches removed, that took maybe 5 minutes, then headed over to library (it was closed) sat in car outside and used the WiFi available to download several books I had bought from Amazon. Stockpiling things to read for the times this winter I won't be able to get out to library. Knitting bee today in TL but think I'll skip it, two trips to TL in two days is more than I feel up to.

So instead will work on second sock for D2. About half way down the leg of sock #2. Making subtle changes on second sock, D wanted them not as wild as I usually do.
Will I think have enuff of the purple yarn to make a couple of pair for a friends kidlet. Lotsa purps and pinks.

Frost yesterday morning, hoping it didn't do in the Saskatoon bushes that are just starting to flower. Tatlako was within a half a degree of being the coldest spot in BC yesterday. Typical for this time of year.

Today is baby brother Larry's birthday, have no idea how old he is and he prolly wouldn't tell me if I asked.


  1. Stitches??? did I miss something?

    Love the socks

  2. Love your colorful socks as always! Hopefully the frost did not get to the saskatoon bushes, we are to get rain this weekend which is so badly needed in this area but hope when it clears out we do not get frost. yes..stitches?? what did we miss?

  3. See Williams Lake spin in from May 6th. Mole removed etc.


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