Getting ready

Have clothes all ready to sort and out into suitcase, socks all clean, made the dump run, biggest chore is loading the car, already have spinning wheel in, that is one of the heaviest things.

Finished socks for D2 and made a small kidlet size to see how colors & patterns working, made them about 2 year size, CP in NY wanted a pair for her 18 month old granddaughter so emailed the pix to her. By the time winter rolls around they should fit perfectly.

Have enuff leftovers in fridge for supper tonight, don't want to leave anything that might go bad in fridge.


  1. Have a great trip Lynne! I hope you weren't planning to go to the west side of Washington. I-5 is going to be a mess after that bridge collapse.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you at NwRSA! Look for Windy Valley Fiber Arts vendor booth. Terry


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