Waiting to hear

Have mailed 3 pair of socks in last two weeks to NY and Calif., waiting to hear that they have arrived, fit and person likes them. Since anything mailed from BC goes first to Ontario then back to states via a slow cruise ship thru the Panama Canal it may be a few more days before I hear. I finished the latest pair of leftover Fast Koffe and Lorna's Laces, they came out a little more matchy than I was wanting, so will add to my sock box. Now currently back working on the gloves to go to Vanc. Island, started first pair in early December and was about the time I was blessed with a few nose bleeds and got nasty blood on one, feeling pretty disheartened I threw it away and put them out of my mind, now feeling guilty for not getting them done so have started anew. First glove is done (except for dealing with the ends around fingers), have ribbing on second sock nearly done.

Getting another dump of snow today, was snowing when I got up just after 6 and hasn't quit yet. Will no doubt be grateful for all the moisture come fire season but right now am getting a bit worn out from dealing with it.

L is maybe going into town tomorrow and I've given her a list of a few thing to pick up for me, mostly produce, some bread and milk, maybe a couple flats of water if possible.

Plan my Sunday early evening in front of the telly for Downton Abbey on PBS, without a doubt the best thing on TV. Am going to order the first season on DVD since I missed several episodes. Make sure I have an early supper and then catch Downton on PBS coming out of Detroit at 6 pm.

Just heard that the 2 pr arrived in NY.

Pair now in Calif. as well. Now hoping all fit.


  1. Those socks are great!

    I love Downton Abbey too. I'm currently get season 2 via Blockbuster by mail, it's 3 dvd's and I'm only getting one at a time - 2nd one is on it's way at which time everything will stop and I'll sit and spin or knit in front of the tv to watch all episodes on that dvd. I'm dvr'ing the current season so I'll be able to watch that as soon as I catch up.

  2. Hello....been reading your blog for awhile. Love that you live where you do instead of stuck in a city like do, for the time being.

    But, if you missed Downton Abby, you can view the shows on PBS.org. I learned that trick when I missed this weeks show....dang work kept me late.

    1. Thanks but still planning on buying season 1 and 2 and 3 when available, plan on watching more than once.


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