Lots of knitting time over the so called holidays, wasn't exactly feeling much in holiday mood that is for sure, once I got over feeling punk and back to normal did OK. Made 2 pair of kidlet sized thick woolie socks and another pair of what I call scrapper socks (will be mailing them away as soon as I can get out of here), a bunch of stuff to be fulled-felted and even worked on current glove knitting.

Turkey noodle soup was outstanding, after the disaster of the bean soup was hesitant to try something else with leftovers but this time it worked. Just carrots, celery, turkey pieces and the noodles. Had first bowl last night and enuff left for lunch and supper today.

I wonder who from Den Haag, Zuid-Holland wants to read my blog, have wondered if maybe it was someone I know. If you have a mind leave me a comment on the blog so I have a clue.


  1. Glad you're starting to feel better! Norovirus has been rampant here in the Big Smoke. Luckily, I avoided it and - just to be different - got a nasty cold instead. Here's wishing us all Good Health for the New Year!

  2. Not from across the pond: just south of you enough that we have lots of rain to your snow. Lovely socks and hats.


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