I hear the bugle

The cavalry is on the way, Rudy called to say that he will be returning this week to finish up a few small jobs, will look at the house propane furnace and repair (hopefully) a small leak in bathroom wash basin. Not likely it will be in time for the arctic blast that is due tomorrow night, lows predicted to be -16°C or 3° F, means the long handles will be worn along with lots of woolies in other places.

Meanwhile I am into my winter schedule, read and answer email (set the timer for 45 minutes) then attend to the spinning wheel for at least 45. Spinning a merino-nylon mix I got at Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, got about 34 oz of an Emerald City, turq with small amounts of of blue and darker green mixed in. Spinning it fairly fine with plans to 3 ply it for the February Ladies sweater sometime this winter.

Merino-Nylon mix from Mary-anne Smith

Feb Ladies Sweater

Last pix is the leftover socks from this year, not quite sure what I will do with them but something always comes along. Worst case scenario is adding them to my sock drawer.

Have leftover chicken w/ rice soup for tonight's supper, will then try and finish current sock while watching Monday Nite Football.

Life is good.


  1. I will take the east-west pair (black heels) if they are still available. Money's on the way via Kimmie Cornerstone who was with me at Rhinebeck. Ohhhhh, they are so pretty!!


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