I have heat

Rudy was here late Friday afternoon to finish some of the small jobs he didn't get done when finishing up the new porch. 2 sheet metal screws in bathroom pipe from propane heater, will keep the two pieces tight and unable to leak fine ash, a hardening foam under kitchen sink pipe (to keep mices from climbing up), looked at kitchen water filter (to old needs to be replaced) and looked at house furnace, turns out it just needed to have pilot light restarted, had I known that prolly could have done it a month or so ago.

Just put a small thawed turkey breast in the oven, will be many meals followed last with turkey noodle soup or a stew w/ dumplings. Of all the things I've ever cooked the soup or stews are my favorites.

Next socks are real Monstersocks, lots and lots of little balls of bits to good to give away, will likely go into my sock drawer. I deal with ends as I go along, never leaving more than 6 or so to be finished off.


  1. Glad you have your heater fixed, it's cold here in northern Ontario tonight, feeling just a bit of Hurrican Sandy. Did you feel the quake at all out there? Stay warm!

    1. Didn't feel the quake, lotsa big mountains between me and Haida Gwaii where the quake centered.

    2. Funny, some people in a tall office building in Edmonton felt it! Hurray for mountains.

  2. So glad you have heat now.
    Those socks are great!

  3. Yay for Rudy, it's good to have someone dependable.
    Oh, there is room in my sock drawer........just sayin'


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