Another pair of wild & crazies

Finished these in the middle of last nights boring football game (G Men playing the Eagles), wasn't interested enuff to say I enjoyed the game but glad the Eagles won the game. But got in lot of knitting. Another pair of socks cast on right away, but won't be making next pair quite so wild & crazy.

Mild weather this morning with strong south wind, leaves coming off poplar trees before they have even changed color. And sky to the north is getting darker by the minute, maybe more rain. Weather by Wednesday is supposed to be a good bit cooler with temps well down in teens (F). With winter fast approaching and my flannel sheets getting thin went ahead and ordered two new bottom sheets from Lands End, with the free shipping and 30% off made for a pretty sweet deal, and definitely needed.

Loaded several free books onto the Kindle Fire while I had WiFi access, check the free site every third or so day, nothing really exciting but nice to know they will be available when roads are to bad to get to library.

Desert Mesa spinning weekend coming up October 12-14, really looking forward to it one of the highlights before I hunker down for the winter. Will get my snow tires on the car on the way home from DM, its time. And will make sure I have sufficient groceries and necessities before heading for home, stuff like Kleenex, TP, laundry soap etc.


  1. I think you were looking for more purple yarn, did you find plenty? We've been having cooler weather here in Virginia, too. Not so cool as you, but much nicer than what we had over the summer.

  2. Yep - winter is on it's way. But we can't complain - have had it pretty good this year. Really looking forward to catching up with you again at the retreat. By the way, are those my socks?


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