And so it starts

At first light I could see that the ground was white, 25°F and still a very light snow falling, so verra glad I changed to snow tires before leaving 'the willie' last Monday. With lots of college football on the telly will be a good day to start a big pot of chicken w/ rice soup. My knitting at hand. Perfect fall weather.

2nd sock of latest pair about 1/4 down the leg, calling this batch conservative wild & crazies, with at least 3 games that I want to see will get in lots of knitting, may even get down to heel area.

And now if I could find someone to come look at house furnace, one of the real hardships living where I do, guys that can do this are in high demand and hard to get to come look at it. Meanwhile have rolled the small infra red heater in there and between it and base board heaters and my woolies am mostly comfortable.


  1. We''ve still got a few weeks before snow. I think. :-) But the temps have been dropping steadily and have had a couple of killing frost's.

  2. We woke up to snow Saturday morning, too (we live up in Juniper - I don't think the snow stuck down in Kamloops proper). It quickly melted away. Not so this morning! The ground is completely covered. I hope you are able to get the furnace guy in this week. Brrr....!

  3. Hope you get your furnace fixed soon and well. I am soooooooooo excited to find you again. I realize now (after reading backwards) that the old blog went down. All I could ever get is that flikr box of pics. Not sure how I managed to find you but you are bookmarked well now. Sounds like life has been a bit too exciting for you lately...medivac! Yikes!


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