Have had a ball of Opal orange in my stash for quite some time and just lately its been bothering me, finally decided to do socks (but of course). Don't exactly know who might like this much orange but maybe someday the right person will just squeal when they see it. 2nd sock in the middle of the top ribbing, with football on for most of Saturday and Sunday should get pretty far down the leg.
Went to town on Thursday and stayed over, picked up groceries Friday morning and headed west. Denise gave me some fresh Rosemary from her garden, brought it home in a small open plastic bag in my knitting, oh my goodness does it ever smell good. So for supper last night cut 2 smallish tomatoes, drizzled a verra small amt of olive oil and sprinkled the fresh crumbled Rosemary on top, think I could eat this every meal until the tomatoes are gone.


  1. I love these socks as does my 13 yr old daughter so you will make someone happy with them.

  2. My mil would love these socks! Her favorite color is orange & she even had an orange VW Beetle at 1 point. I made her a pair of slipper socks recently out of a burnt orange yarn.


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