Still cool enuff for woolies

Froze pretty good yesterday morning, -3.3° C (26 °F) at just before 7 am, not nice in June. No frost last night but still cool enuff this morning that I have electric heat on and sitting at puter wearing woolies all around. Sun just came thru heavy cloud cover so it might warm up soon.

Current sock is in time out, couldn't make up my mind (what little is left) on what colors I wanted to use next. Will go on hunt for something that will fit in soon. When all my bags of leftover bits got moved, means nothing is where I thought it should be. But its now all in wool room and off the floor of living room, while not quite up to hoarder status was getting close to qualifying. When DR was here on the 12th (he sorta fills a room) L quickly moved stuff out of his way, then to wool room. Now kind of like Christmas finding stuff I had forgot about, and am moving small bits to a knitting bee sock knitter. And have been seriously thinking about getting back to mitered sq blankie.

L is supposed to be bringing me the pix of helicopter in my yard before we flew off for town. Was a beautiful day for flying and I missed it all, flat on my back on stretcher with IV hooked up. But all things considered I think I am doing OK.


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