Kitchen adventures

Macaroni cooked, 4 c celery, chopped into small pieces, old cheddar in more small pieces, eggs cooling, dressing made (mayo, yogurt, dill, garlic salt and pepper), will all come together soon for a late lunch and then supper. Mac salad was my Mothers favorite food and I am sure she ate close to her weight every year, any time I was there that was the first thing she asked me to make. I usually make a batch on Mother's Day every year in her honor but hospital visit cancelled that this year.

Ribbing and first large pattern done on 2nd sock, can only work on it during daylight hours, some of the patterns are close to being the most intricate I've ever done. Once sun sets start working on other things. Already lining up more bits of leftovers for next pair and as soon as the lime green gets here will start on socks for Toni.

Didn't go to knitting bee this week, thinking about skipping every other week, 20 miles each way ads up to large gas bill in a month.


  1. Mac salad sounds delish. I don’t do mayo very well, I wonder if all yogurt would be as good.

  2. Would use Miracle Whip & half yogurt instead of all yogurt


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