Car troubles

Went to knitting bee on Wednesday and all the way was wishing I could have stayed home, after kb on way home had car troubles just a tad out of downtown Tatla Lake. Opened hood and found loads of the hood insulation (pack rat or ?), also a wire chewed apart from alternator to? First person that stopped had a sat phone and called BCAA for me, tow truck had to come from Riske Creek 2+ hours away. Finally a bit after 4pm truck arrived with big trailer to load car on, with me planning on going in with tow truck except first step up was at about my waist, driver helped and thus began one of the roughest rides ever into town. Took car to Downtown Service when a friends husband is the journeyman mechanic, Denise (her husband) met me there and we went up to her place for me to stay overnight. Insulation cleaned out and Len said about 5 pounds mouse or pack rat sh** also removed. Alternator was toast and one had to come from Kamloops so ended up 2 nights in town with nothing but basic knitting, will I think next time I go in will leave spare toothbrush, deodorant, hairbrush, nightgown, clean unders there in case something like this happens again.

Denise did drive me up to Wally World where I did a bit of grocery shopping then back to her place to put perishables in her spare fridge. Friday morning when car was ready took stuff down and loaded my car 5 bags, then stopped one last time for gas and hit the Wholesale Club for a few more things that I had forgot at W/W. Home just a bit after 1 pm, got car unloaded and within minutes was visited by Thunderman and Lightfoot and then loads of hard rain. Was ever so glad to have made it home before the deluge got in gear. So my week was toast.


  1. What a session, just hate car problems!! Glad everything turned out o.k. and thank-goodness you got home before the storm, nothing worse than being on the road in driving rain. After the start of spring here so dry we have been getting rain steady so things are so green, would not be bad except with all the bare clay around the house, things are a mess, will be glad to get the front deck built and get the landscaping finished. Take care!

  2. Rats like to nest within car insulation and chew fuel lines, something tasty for them. Nasty mess though!! I had the bird feeders too close to the carport, rats found their smorg and hotel! Now the birds have to forage for themselves.
    Glad you got home okay.

  3. I am glad you got a new blog, Lynne! I have always enjoyed your adventures.

  4. Had the same problem in Germany with varmint called marten. Ate through wires on the BMW. More than once. Critters are cute until they aren't. You might have to trap them to keep them out of the engine. Good luck.
    The Bro in VA

  5. You do have your adventures, don't you, Lynne! Glad you got home safe finally.

    BTW we once had a Douglas squirrel build a nest in behind the headlight in our VW van while we were camping in the Rockies. We tried to discourage her but she was determined. Unfortunately we lost her somewhere along the way and unbeknownst to us her tiny babies died. They were found later when the headlight went out because dumb mama squirrel had bitten through the wires! Poor little doomed things. And then there was the time when the deermouse and the fieldmouse were running rampant around us in the middle of the night. At least you weren't trying to sleep while the packrat was enjoying himself in your engine compartment! The Bro has it right - critters are cute until they aren't!

  6. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound at last.

    We have squirrel issues here. Rats were in our barn when we had horse feed. I've also found a giant black snake in the boot of a car that had been parked for a while. I found him again in one of the birdhouses. I called him Longfellow and I haven't seen him in a year or so. We have rattlesnakes, too. Hmmmm.....

    But again you are safe home and that is good.
    happy spinning and knitting,

  7. Yeah! I found your blog again! THe old one didn't work, and today I googled, to see if I can find you! :o)

    Sorry about your car trouble!

  8. I would say that "boring" is far preferable to finding dead bodies in your building, no? Yikes. You are exactly where you want to be, Lynne. Besides I think life is only boring if you allow it. Personally I'm NEVER bored! Too many fun things to do.

  9. It is in their nature – I mean, the mice and squirrels – to nest in enclosed areas. And your car’s engine compartment is the perfect spot for them to nest during the fall and winter months. There are simple ways you can do to prevent them from rummaging your car. You can scare them away by keeping a cat in the garage. Allergic to cats? Well, you can place traps and poisons, BUT be careful not to leave them around your pets or children.

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