Boring (NOT)

Someone emailed me this morning and said she thought my life and where I live had to be the most boring place ever. This from a person that lives in an apartment with plywood walls, rides the train 90 minutes each way to work, has 2 kids that are off the wall (9 and 13) and management just found a body 2 floors below hers, she thinks my life and where I live are boring. I don't think so. Wouldn't trade any part of hers for 5 minutes of mine.

Saw a big black bear yesterday but in the trees and bushes, no place to try and get a pix. Bear sightings are way down this year, last year by the end of June had seen at least 30, only 5 so far this year. Lorelee rode her bike here yesterday and reported a big grizzly in what we used to call the upper east field, just grazing on whatever is growing up there.

Working on another pair of scrap socks, the 5 row scrappers. Waiting for one more ball to arrive for the wild & crazies for Toni. And Melody send me a handspun shawlette, pattern is called Annis, just love it. Wrapped around my neck will make a wonderful cowl for winter travels. Thanks Mel.


  1. Sounds like a pretty interesting life to me...that's why I've been reading your posts for years!
    Martha from Kansas

  2. Sounds like a wonderful life! I know some of my friends and family back east still running around the rat race think I lead a boring life too - suits me just fine.

  3. I would say that "boring" is far preferable to finding dead bodies in your building, no? You are exactly where you want to be, Lynne. Besides I think life is only boring if you allow it. Personally I'm NEVER bored! Too many fun things to do.

  4. Some people don't know how to slow down & smell the roses! They want the busy life of the city - I don't know that I want totally country, but I like small town. A place I don't have to lock my doors, everyone knows where I live, etc. My mil was always 1 of the ones that never wanted to live in the small town in KS where we live, but now that she has dementia, I think it would be perfect for her, but we were out voted when it came time to decide where to move her when she couldn't take care of herself any longer. It's been 4-5 years & I still think she would be better off here than where she is, but I have no real say.

  5. I could live where you are very very easily. I'd have to learn how to watch out for bears but your view takes my breath away as does your knitting.

  6. We recently moved from a major metropolitan area to a rather rural location. I am learning to love the slower lifestyle. I admire you for living alone and doing such a great job of enjoying life. I enjoy your posts!


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