Humble Pie

Wanted to make a pair of gloves using my handspun BFL/Silk mix, having made enuff gloves in the past figured it would be easy to compensate for the slightly heavier handspun. NOT. Now instead of knitting merrily along am instead eating humble pie, wasn't working. Did 25 rows of 2x2 ribbing that looked and felt OK but then once I started increases for thumb gusset knew that to the RIP file they were headed. After only 2 increases (4 stitches) it looked like it would have fit the jolly green giant. So back to square one. Pix of the handspun ball all pulled out and re wound. Will instead of using the light gray BFL/Silk mix will plan on spinning some merino-nylon mix fine enuff to be used for gloves.
So now back to knitting on second sock, so far have been able to keep the black patterns steady thru out, colors are changing as I run out of the small balls of leftovers. Ham bone in water simmering and will soon start the split peas, then once they are cooked soft will put small amounts into the blender to puree the mix before adding to soup stock.


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