Home from Desert Mesa

Picked up groceries for me and L yesterday morning then started out for home just before 11 am, one nap at the top of the lookout at Lee's Hill and one stop for something to eat from groceries haul. Home just before 3, called L to let her know I was here, turns out she had to walk all the way, her van died (again), so let her take my Subie and her groceries home, she will come back tomorrow and then we will head to Tatla for Knitting Bee. Still trying to restore my old blog, talking to a lawyer did get another response from Flickr saying then didn't do it, so now working thru Blogspot to see if they can help. Please keep fingers crossed that this might work. Spent the weekend at Desert Mesa spring spinning, lots of laffs, much shopping by a few (you know who you are), good food and almost 2 full bobbins of the BFL-Silk mix. Show and tell was outstanding pix of GH describing how she up cycled a mans sweater into legging for her, I caught her at a perfectly funny minute, and pix proves that.
Then several gals wearing my socks, me on the left.
Had a great time with my BC family, looking forward to next one in October this year..


  1. Hi Lynne, finally got through to your new blog, having trouble with my laptop again so finally came into the big computer and got things going again, love the sock picture!! I just have to get the dye pots going so I can get some color in some of my socks, finally found the pots and the dyes.....keep saying this time next year I should be able to have everything sorted out..........


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