Snow is gone

From just over a foot of snow on Sunday 30th Sept. to nothing. Almost two full days of rain and temps above freezing did the job. From the wool room (where computer hides) I can't see anymore snow at all, and trust me that is good. Well over 20 mm of rain in two days is just about what we have had since early last spring.

Finished the almost Monstersocks, thought at the beginning that they would be really different but then someone came along and bought them, wanting them to be almost identical, since I had used up some of the smaller balls in sock 1 I tried to come close colour wise on 2. Same people want another pair but in lighter colours this time with the main colour being pink. Will have to check and see if they are to be identical or fraternal.

I've had to cancel Desert Mesa (broke my heart), while shoveling snow hurt my good hip, it only took about 3 shovel fulls to know that it wasn't going to work. Pain walking, sitting, standing and forget spinning, altho think …

Bang winter dropped

Almost 9 pm and its been snowing all day, now well over 6 inches. Forecast was for maybe 3-4 inches mixed with rain, think maybe they got it wrong. As of tomorrow snow tires are mandatory for any driving on main roads, I've got an appointment at Kal Tire in Williams Lake on October 10, sure hope I don't have to go in before that. Will just leave car until this stuff melts, supposed to be warmer mid week. Pix of my car just about when snow was starting to stick, maybe 9 am. 2nd pix is screen shot of Environment Canada's Tatlako weather page.

Update. Monday morning car pix. Somewhere around 8-10 inches.

Neighbors Len & Jo came on Monday 24th with the quad and brush hogg, Len cut all my yard, with some of the toadflax weeds well over 3 feet high. Jo used weed whacker to cut around trees, steps and up close to house, etc. Yard sure looked better, now nothing ugly sticking up thru the snow.

The socks I'd been knitting for the MONSTERSOCKKAL, will instead go to Fernie, B…


Spent a good bit of time after lunch resetting my Apple password, have now typed it so many times that not likely I'll ever forget it. As of right this minute look like change is successful. Now hopefully I'll be able to send email from my iPad.

30 + rows on the foot now complete on Monstersockkal sock. Using Hazel Knits for the main color and odds and sods for the patterns. Second sock will again use the blue and probably change the order of the pattern colors.

Went out to Tatla last Thursday for blood letting, again my INR is to low, so DR changed the amount of Warfarin again, must be 5 changes in last couple of months. So much so that I am now writing down the amounts.

There was new snow on all the west mountains last Thursday and once up out of the valley snow along the road almost all the way to Tatla. Will be getting my snow tires on when I go out for Desert Mesa just after Thanksgiving. Prolly around October 9, will soon phone Kal Tire and make an appointment.

Stuff Sept.12

Difficult to find something to write about on the blog, haven't been anywhere nor have I talked to many on the phone, just plain boring life (and I wouldn't have it any other way). Now that football is on 5 days and nights a week should be getting lots of knitting time (pro and college).

Neighbor Len Knight came up yesterday to look over my not working furnace in wool room, he and his electrician buddy think it is a thermal couple, called place I bought furnace and jerk I talked to said they don't carry that brand anymore, said he would try and find one and call me back, not. With freezing temps forecast for next week or so will let small electric heater try and do the job.

Still working on a Monstersock for KAL, not at all sure  of where they will go, especially since instead of casting on my usual 72 sts I somehow did 76, so they will be plenty roomy at the top of the sock. Have already decreased down to 72 and will do two more dec until I am at 64 somewhere around the a…

Town trip

Finally got into town, left here Tuesday morning and got all running around done by 3:30, Wednesday hit Beaver Valley Feed store just after 9 am and bought 10.5 pounds tomatoes (that's one of the really important things I had to do) then into grocery store for a major order and home by 3pm. The tomatoes were well worth the trip, have had one or more with every meal since I got home, cottage cheese and tomatoes are for me a perfect meal.

Just before town trip finished the current Monstersocks, used the teal-y green for top, heel and toe, lots of small balls got used up in this pair. Will likely start another pair but this time think I am going to just use a ball of self patterning Opal, not near as many ends to deal with that way.
Getting a bit of rain sprinkles this morning, very welcomed. Smoke is still so thick I can't see the mountains, when they do show up would almost bet there will be new snow up there. 51°F right now, even had heat on briefly in wool room, but would muc…


Between the heat of a couple of weeks ago and most of this weeks smoke, its been hard to breathe. This morning low so far is 34.7 F, cool enuff in wool room that I have heat on (as well as wool socks and a long sleeved flannel shirt). I'll take this weather any day over the heat.

I went to Tatla on Thursday for blood letting (INR), then truck didn't come to pick same up, so will have to go back on Tuesday to start over. Then maybe just maybe I might carry on and go into town. I have been thinking about tomatoes, on toast, with cottage cheese and just sliced on my plate for supper. They are supposed to be in at Beaver Valley Feed store, wouldn't mind a feed of sweet corn as well. As well a trip thru the big grocery store would work well, am out of a whole bunch of stuff. Have someone lined up to help unload my car when I get home. Also will stop Wally World for a new popcorn popper, mine after 30 + years as quit.

Second of the Monstersocks well down the foot, with football …

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday and 5-6 days before that were hot and clear, really hot for in here. Most unusual for that stretch of +30°C days in a row, never have sweat so much before. Then today rolls in at least 15° cooler so much so that I"m back to wool socks and a long sleeved flannel shirt, and it feels wonderful. But whats really unsettling is the smoke filling the valley, we think its coming from the fire up the Klinaklini river valley. I know my west mountains are still there but only showing a shadow right now, just after noon and I have a bunch of house lights on. Its that dark from the smoke.
The smoke is what drove me out of here last summer when the fires were so much closer, ended up in Prince George for a bit over two weeks where breathing was so much batter. May have to think about heading somewhere where smoke isn't this thick.

Knitting tho continues moving along, about half way down the leg of second Monstersock.  Not exactly a matching pair but then life is to short for matc…