Finished the various reds etc socks over a week ago now, have been letting my arthritic hand feel better before jumping into the next pair. I started the reds with ideas of having them finished for the MonstersockKAL that ended October 6th, not even close. But they did get finished.

The next (and I hope the last pair for awhile) are for Jean V in Oregon, once they are finished I want to do something with the crayon challenge yarn from Desert Mesa. Got Jeans yarn into center pull balls today and will likely start on them while watching football tonight. On the left is the first pix I took, other is yarn in balls ready to knit. Added one new colour (which doesn't show up well) a burgundy purple. Click on smaller pix to show it up better (I hope). No way my fingers can figure out how to get pix side by side in same size.
Had hoped to get to town tomorrow but weather is telling me no way. So will call prescriptions in and Bee Line will bring out. Can use my Visa to pay for them and fr…

Desert Mesa

Desert Mesa In Cache Creek was the 17th thru the 20th, was outstanding as usual. Pleased that I can still go up and down the steps for meals even tho I do move slow on steps. Ran into quite a bit of snow on the way home, tho for the most part it wasn't sticking to the road, glad for the snow tires. Once I dropped down to 100 Mile House snow quit and roads were bare & dry.

Only  thing I bought was variegated sock yarns from Mary-anne Smith for use in Monstersocks, no spinning fibres, none. Oh did buy a nasty cold somewhere on the trip, felt punk most of last week, even so uncomfortable that I went without food Thursday and Friday, only drinking water. On the mend now after the week from hell.

Still working on the second reds Monstersock, about half way down the foot on 2nd sock. As soon as its finished will get the sock yarn into balls to start on socks for Jean in Oregon. She wants red for the main colour then lots of bright colours along with. But identical (if my fingers wil…

Snow tires

Got into Williams Lake Wednesday midday, appointment at 5:30 at Kal Tire for new snow ties to be mounted on car, by the time I got out of there was nearly dark and far to late to be starting for home. To many deer, cattle and horses on the road. Motel for the night, then in the morning picked up a few groceries at SaveOn and headed west. Very glad to have the tires on the car, they are mandatory for highway travel on October 1st, so only was a day late. Weather forecast is for snow flurries Monday night and then temps in low teens F for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pix I took on the finished reds sock #1 hasn't shown up in my photos yet so no pix at this time. Will add it when it comes thru. First pix is sock inside out and second the right side.

Coldest spot in BC at 6:30

Another cold ish morning, was glad I started out with wool socks last night. -8.1 C or 18° F. Seems early.

Got in my 45 minutes at the spinning wheel, bobbin #3 of the odds and sods, hoping I can find enuff of the bits for the 4th bobbin. 2nd pix are the two already done. Really enjoying spinning this mix.

Maureen in Takoma wanted to see a pix of the inside of one of my socks, here you go. I moved pix up to large so you could see it better.

Current socks are the red mix, with a bit of luck and Monday Nite Football I might finish first sock today. After 2nd sock will move right into socks for Jean in Oregon. She wanted red for the main colour then identical wild coloured patterns. The identical part will be the hardest for my fingers to do, plan on careful notes so I can try. The red in front will be the main colour

Off to town tomorrow, have an appointment at Kal Tire at 5:30 to get my brand new snow tires installed. My old car had 16 inch wheels new car has 18, so had to buy new. Nok…

Soup Weather

The official first day of fall and it really is in here right now, so windy that the leaves are coming off the trees like yellow snow. Have chicken cooking for soup for today and next several days. Right now its 52°F and by the weekend low 20's F are predicted. With possible snow on Saturday.

Finished the first pair of socks for the Monstersockkal2019, lots of ends to deal with.
From this came these.

May be able to squeeze in another pair have until October 6 to finish.

 After this pair is finished will get started on socks for Jean V. red with lots of wild colours and identical (if my fingers will do that).

If you read my blog leave a comment if anything strikes your fancy. Please.

 I had hoped to be able to go down to Canby, Oregon for OFFF coming up this weekend but couldn't find anyone to travel down with me. So guess I'll stay home and watch college football on Saturday. Next adventure out will be Desert Mesa after CA Thanksgiving.

Fall has come visiting

Environment Canada's weather page shows the lows for Tatlako in low single digits C for the next week or so, with tomorrow nights low just +1°, much prefer soup weather.

The three pair of kidlet socks delivered all fit and kids were happy to immediately try them on.

Then finished the pair going to Miss M in Pritchard, I liked the colour combo and so did M.
Current socks are for a Monstersockkal, getting to use up a load of leftovers. With lots of college football games on starting tomorrow I should finish sock #2 and maybe start another pair for the KAL. using leftover reds, hot pinks and maybe some purples.

Since my last blog post I lucked out and got a 25 lb box of real tomatoes from Desert Hills in Ashcroft BC, think I've had a tomato with every meal since I got home with them. Don't believe I could ever get tired of eating the real things.

Len K came with the quad and brush hogg and knocked down the weeds in my house yard, some of the toadflax must have been 3 feet hig…

This and That

Out last Sunday to our small farmers market in Tatla Lake, was hoping for eggs and bread, no eggs but instead scored real tomatoes from the Okanagan, bought 8 sorta large and have had one a day since I came home. 2 left, bummer had just got used to having them again. I do have to make a trip into town for prescription refills in the next few days might luck out and find more at Beaver Valley Feeds.

The socks for Miss E are on the way, Jo forgot to pick them up when she left but via the who is going to town to make connections they made it. Looking forward to pix on the kids. As soon as I was done with this batch started a pair for Maela, Opal variegated green for main colour then lots of odds and sods for the patterns. Pix after a bit more progress.
Have a #monstersockkal starting Sept. 1st so that will be next project, lots of blues, and greens all odds and sods.

Haven't neglected (to much) my spinning, finished the second bobbin of the little bits, used red about every 4th or so…