Thursday, April 16, 2015

Socks and Needles

Picked up a weeks worth of mail yesterday and was pleased to find the needles I had ordered from Knit Picks, 5 inch Harmony and 6 inch nickel plated, and in a case where I will keep needles when not in use.

Finished the blue-green Monstersocks last night while watching the Nucks lose the first game to Calgary. Had taken these with me to maybe work on for a break from spinning while at Desert Mesa, showed them unfinished and they sold to first person that they got to. Easily have enuff of the leftover bits to make another pair, close but not exactly the same, if I like the next pair will be keeping them for me. But before I start another pair of the blue-greens want to finish the red socks using Cascade Heritage wool-silk yarn, they will likely be Monstersocks as well, have already used purple and orange in first pattern. Kind of like painting but using sock yarn instead of paints.

Just went out to car (checking in all directions first in case a four legged critter is in the yard) and brought in my spinning wheel from last weekends DM trip. When I got home Monday groceries were the first priority, followed by knitting bags, suitcase etc. Will get it unpacked so when I want to spin it will be all ready.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Desert Mesa redux

Spring DM ran Thursday afternoon until after lunch on Sunday, then everyone loads up all their goodies and heads out. Smaller than normal crowd for spring but ever so enjoyable, can actually visit with people this way instead of just seeing the person sitting beside you. We spin and shop on the main floor with meals down a long flight of steps (just about did me in, hip after 12 steps or so complained and it had to be done 3 times a day).

While Lynne Anderson was setting up Karen B was in the room and got buried in Lynne's dyed fibre, love the pix. Then later in one of the days she was spinning stuff that matched her pants and shoes.

Gudie H had a visitor "Flat Stanley" visiting from Ajax, Ontario, dozen of pix were taken of Stanley in various places, my best two are below.

I bought a small amount of merino-nylon to spin after I finished 5 oz of a really dark coloured fibre, needed something easier on the eyes, orange cream-sickle is what I call it, Mary-ann Smith has a different name for it.

Even tho it was in the low teens (F) here this morning I believe spring is officially here, saw my first bear of this year on the Bailiff bypass on the way home yesterday, big black, crossing the road about 100 feet in front of me, no time tho for a pix, even if I had the camera right in my hands it wouldn't have worked, by the time I slowed down it was over the bank and headed for the bush.

Home now until I go back to Williams Lake for their annual one day spinning do on May 2. Will I am sure need more salad stuff by then anyway. This time bought 2 large bags of produce, had a large salad last night for supper along with 2 rotisserie chicken wings.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015


Came down my driveway just about 2 pm, stopped on the way by and picked up Lucas (car unloader), he had car completely unloaded in less than 10 minutes, would have probably taken me 2 days. I got perishables put away the rest can wait until tomorrow.

Trip to Whidbey wasn't one of my favorites, Judith Mackenzie's talk was video taped and put up on a screen but room wasn't dark enuff to see any color and that was what talk was about. I even left early for the first time ever.

Spinning wheel is staying in the car for upcoming Desert Mesa trip this Thursday thru Sunday, to heavy to bring in the house for 5 days. Will start laundry first thing tomorrow so stuff will be dry enuff to repack for departure this Wednesday. Will go in early enuff to get tires changed over, back to summers. And to get a much needed haircut. Plus will be dropping off inc tax stuff, that's always a thrill to see it gone.

Didn't buy any spinning fiber while at Whidbey, just 2 more of the little Folda cases for knitting bits like sewing needles, point protectors, stitch markers etc. And 2 pair of really sharp scissors that will fit in Folda case. A pair for me and one for Gail.

Biggest purchase was an iPhone, can't use it out here (no cell towers) but will be handy for my trips to town and while in states. Went with Rogers as service provider because there have an on demand $5 a day roaming fee while in states. So far have made one call, to Denise from Cache Creek telling her I was running late.

Glad to be home even if weather forecast for tonight is snow.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Road trip

Left Tuesday 24th for Williams Lake, several things to do around town then up to Lorelee's to stay the night. Left for points south early Tuesday, hit heavy snow just south of 100 Mile House, didn't stick to the road but sides of the road sure got white in a hurry, then when I ran out of snow hit heavy rain all the rest of the way. Met up with Kristie for coffee at Timmies (she won a free cuppa and gave me the roll up the rim empty) to get a freebie on the way home. Day 2 at Whidbey Islands spin in now officially over, Judith Mackenzie was the speaker (on color) then how to blend colors for Sunday. For the first time ever I didn't take even one pix. Bad me. Also didn't buy any wool, none or even any yarn.

Rhododendrons in bloom, daffs, tulips and prolly more that I didn't get close enuff to. And of course green grass.

Will be heading north tomorrow with a stop in Belly-ham to pick up books from Carol T, then a few groceries from Freddies. Hopefully the border line won't be to bad.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sock Stuff

Who knew that a simple pix of some of my socks drying on my folding wood rack would generate almost 500 likes, last I checked Addicted to Socks list was at 475 likes and the rest from a Facebook post. Amazing.

Have started gathering up knitting to take with on my upcoming road trip, so far have unfinished first blue - green Monstersock, a start on a red pair (ribbing is done), and then at least one more pair of something. Will end up with almost as much yarn as clothes. But just in case will be prepared.

Lots of traffic and noise over by the river this morning, looks like I have another pair of Canada geese getting ready to claim river as theirs. Had a pair nesting a couple of years ago and this might even be same pair. Anything noisy will set them off flying in a big circle honking all the way, really really nice to be woke up before first light with two big honkers flying close by.

Have out a small pkg of chicken livers 8 oz, that and a few nugget potatoes, and a small spaghetti squash will see tonight's and tomorrow nights suppers, don't want anything leftover in fridge. Already got rid of anything in produce line that would spoil, Dee got it for chickens and piggies.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Stash Adequate For Eternal Re-incarnation, (thanks Dotty) having reached this stage some time ago have finally bit the bullet and decided I won't be buying anymore sock yarns for some time (unless the new Regia comes out soon). Have some Koigu (already bought) to pick up in the states when I head down to Whidbey and will be picking up 8 or 9 bags of various books that a friend is getting rid of, knitting and such. Including the EZ videos (priceless).

After the last week or so barely getting to 32° F (0°C) last nights -13°C, 12° F was a shock, because it had been so warm I left my bedroom window open about halfway that meant it was very cold in my bedroom when I got up just after 6, took clothes to living room to get dressed.

Have been playing around with a seamless garter stitch baby bootie, something like the one that the Yarn Harlot did some time ago. But I didn't want to do a sock type with a turned heel. So experimented with the really old idea of doing a separate knitted sole then picking up stitches to form the main part of the bootie, decreases at the top of main part gives me the top part of the foot. I am not a pattern writer so please forgive the lousy way I got about doing this, and don't ask for the pattern because each one I do is slightly different. I have left the idiot cord ends unfinished so eventually can add a pom pom.

I don't recommend a tuna salad sandwich for breakfast (7 am), at the time it sounded good but will regret it the rest of the day, must remember this for future leftover tuna salad.

Just tried to book an app't at optometrist for trip to town on the 24th, they are fully booked, must be everyone in Wms Lk is getting their eyes checked, so will try again sometime in April.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Sorting a pile of CD's this morning, found most to have been recorded (by me) in MP3 mode, each CD can hold a tremendous amount of music, all told I have just over 84 hours of assorted stuff. And they won't play in my CD changer in my Subaru. If (and that's a big if) i get a different car will make sure that CD's in the MP3 mode will play. I can't even remember why I did so many, some are dated back to 2008, so vintage stuff.

Took advantage of a recent sale at Knit Picks and got some almost neon colors to add zing to my socks and gloves, some for me and some for Christine at Knitting Bee.

Big south wind today, between the wind and 44° F the remaining snow is melting fast. Forecast is for temps in the 40's and even into the 50's for the rest of this week (I'll take it). Has been one of the warmest March, so far that I can remember, again between the wind, sunshine and warm temps the mud will even be drying up.

While in town last time with some spare time went up to Honda dealer and looked over the CRV model, like it a lot, but still want to look at Subaru Outbacks, unfortunately closest Subaru dealer is Kamloops a 6 hour drive while Honda dealer is right in Williams Lake. Decisions, decisions. Will likely come down to a flip of a quarter having done this in the past its worked well for me (its how I ended up in BC nearly 40 years ago). Just talked to a friend that has a CRV about service (good) etc. Lots of questions.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Small lil pizza's

Bought some Naan bread while in town last trip to experiment with. Tonight's was small pizza's, a very small amount of pizza sauce, then spinach, roasted red peppers, pepperoni and mozz cheese, not bad at all. Could have used some fresh mushrooms but didn't buy any this trip.

Back working on another pair of monstersocks, main color I think will be red but then something else might jump into the mix. Waiting on the wool-silk mix in gray to arrive from Paradise Fibers, hopefully the other color will be burgundy, both needed for two pair of upcoming socks, will pass the colors by the gal from Vanc Island that they are for at Desert Mesa in April.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Fraternal socks

Finally finished Isabel's Monstersocks, she wanted fraternal and they really are. Do hope I haven't gone overboard with them.

Ended up having to go back to town Monday this week for a visit with my favorite Dentist (NOT), badly cracked tooth. My appointment wasn't until 4:40 Monday thus guaranteeing I couldn't make it home before dark and as it turned out had to stay over to get repairs finished on Tuesday. Lighter in the wallet but tooth is good to go again.

Woke up yesterday to a skiff of snow and it was gone by noon, today's snow is coming at a tad bit colder temps and looking like it might stick, especially since its still snowing. Nothing to complain about we here on the almost west coast have had an incredibly mild winter, Vancouver ski mountains didn't fare very well this year at all, most have been closed for the last month or so.

Need to make two more pairs of socks both out of colors I didn't have in my stash, so ordered Cascade Heritage wool-silk mix from Paradise Fibers in Spokane, and will be raising my prices on socks to $50, still prolly only getting $1 an hour, but am not doing it for the money just a love of wild & crazy socks with as many colors as I can squeeze in.

On this weeks trip to town I found frozen chicken livers in Safeway, one of my favorites. One more meal with leftovers then will thaw a pkg. and have salad, livers and rice.