This and That

Finally got into town last Friday, mostly to get tires changed over. Winter tires are mandatory until May 1, the only appointment I could get was on the 15th,  good now until the 1st of October when the switch starts again. Saw 11 deer, lots of horses, 1 black bear,  all but the bear on the way home.

Stopped at Walmart on the way into town and its a good thing I did, bought 75% of my list while there, figuring I'd get the rest at SaveOn when done with tire place. NOT. When I got to SaveOn just after 2:30 there were 24-30 people in line to get into the store, knew I wouldn't be able to stand that long just turned and headed west,  everything I was to get there can wait until the next time in. There were several important things like celery (for soup), bread, milk, TP, and cabbage (also for soup). Won't be the first time I've done without.

Finished spinning the orange, pinky magenta and red mix, bobbin is 3/4 full. Then got another bobbin and started on the straight oran…

Flickers-Geese I hate them both

The geese do a fly over as soon as something disturbs them in the morning, deer, cows or ?. Because the geese are unhappy they honk loudly for the entire fly over. Getting earlier as daylite is now just after 5 am. Only thing worse are the flickers pounding on the power pole, the metal eves-trough or any side of the house they want, every time I hear one get up and scare it away, sometimes for as long as 10 minutes.

Finished spinning the second bobbin of the pinky-magenta, now in the plying queue.

 Next will be more leftovers, have some of the pinky-magenta, red, and orange (its the most), all are merino-nylon blends. Thought I might start with the orange, then pink, orange and the red, continuing with this mix.

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New sock yarn

Bought 3 skeins (plus one free) from Lynne Anderson from all colours I was out of, nice stuff 75%superwash merino and 25% nylon, perfect blend for socks.
Spinning another bobbin of the pinky magenta

In between spinning am continuing plying bobbins 3 and 4 of the multi coloured stuff.
I was hoping for fingering weight but am guessing its closer to sport weight.

The good food box was ready for pick up Thursday , since I was getting low on fruit and veggies went out to gather it up, first time driving to Tatla since mid February. Was pleased to find I still remembered how to drive. Grapes, apples, bananas, tomatoes, romaine. broccoli, zucchini, onions, potatoes, green onions, two beautiful red peppers, and garlic. Will have a stir fry tonight for supper. Even was able to buy some oranges at the store.

My yard is now completely bare no snow anywhere and can even see a bit of green showing up, hardly any snow left along the road to Tatla, and 90 % of the road…


Back to my normal life. Spinning every morning and several other times during the day, feels so good to be able spin again.

The fibre is a superwash merino-nylon mix lovely stuff to spin. Long range plans for this batch will be socks, adding light gray and white for the patterns.

Even cooked last nights supper, just a simple tuna noodle casserole, enuff for tonight's supper as well.

I finally caved and got the lifeline thingie, wear around my neck and its waterproof so can leave it on in the shower. Single button to push if I ever fall again, help called to clinic in Tatla Lake.

Spinning and Such

The yarn I was spinning before the “fall” is finally all skeined and yesterday washed to set the twist. The top two bobbins, ended up with 950 yards of almost sock weight yarn.

 Here are the 5 skeins hanging over the furnace in living room. Almost dry after hanging all day yesterday and all night.  The 3 skeins of white are for the second sock for crayon challenge, enuff there to make something else as well and now with lots of time until fall Desert Mesa will add to my show and tell.

Then feeling the need to try spinning I got out some merino-nylon from Mary-anne Smith and gave it a go, so glad my fingers didn't forget. Felt so good to be able to spin again.

Think I am as close to normal as I will ever be, glad to be back working (playing) in wool room.

Backing Up

Fell March 1 and then ended up in the hospital on the 4th, nothing broken they said it was deep tissue bruising. But for just over a week I couldn't even swing my feet up into the hosp. bed, then when things were sorta looking up diagnosed with a pretty nasty stain of the flu, so much so they moved me in a private room with isolation in place. Came home on the 17th, making room for Covid19 patients, none yet that I know of. Was pretty weak when first home, gaining strength every day. And finally picked up my knitting. Planned on finished everything on my needles, first was the sock for the crayon challenge, even tho Desert Mesa was cancelled I had to finish the sock.
Then the blue Monsters for a friend in So Calif. Same colours just in different places will get them mailed staying home restrictions are lifted.
Last pair are for M (8 years old) in Pritchard, they have been on the needles since early January, wild and crazies.
All things considered I am doing OK here in my home, m…

This and That

At last Falls Desert Mesa we had a crayon challenge to be resolved at spring 2020 weekend. Reached into a box and picked 3 crayon colours (sight unseen), my three colours were carnation pink, forest green and magenta. Didn't do to bad with the green and magenta but the pink was a real challenge, 3 go rounds later and still not happy with the pink I ended up with, but at this point it'll have to do.
Have been spinning odds and sods lately, 3 bobbins done of the lil bits of scraps done and fourth within 15 minutes of being done. Pix is the first two bobbins. Next batch I still added the red about every fourth colour change and in between every other colour was a wool silk mix. Looking forward to plying and to see what I end up with.

In between knitting on the crayon challenge I've been working on the bluesy-green pair of Monstersocks. Had started them before I finished the dyeing for the challenge. 2nd sock is down past the heel, they will be going to Calif to K.L. Will be a…