Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Finished the second bobbin of the variegated pinks & reds, spun fine enuff that when plied it should be close to DK weight. Nearly 8 oz on each. Still have enuff left over from 2nd braid to make a pretty good start on #3, then 2 full braids still to do. I usually get bored after this much of the same color but there is enuff variegation to wonder what will be next.

Also finished the first pair of socks for Miss M, she will be heading off to K in September, can wear warm wool socks on wait for school bus. 1st sock of second pair just past heel, same colours but in different places. Also planning on a couple of pair for the older brother, thinking now I will prolly hold two strands of sock yarn tog to make thicker and hopefully warmer socks for active boy.

So far today no critters. YET. Several are wondering if I feel safe in here with bear activity, always tell them that I'd rather have the 4 legged predators around than the 2 legged carrying guns.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another Grizzly

Coming back to wool room after breakfast, saw movement out side window, set coffee down, quickly, grabbed camera and got 3 pix of another visiting griz. Pix taken thru window shows window frame and bear not much more than 10 feet from window (and me). Pix #2 after bear left a deposit then turned and sort of ran towards the north, under the fence in a flash then out of sight into woods just north of yard. 2nd griz in my yard so far this season.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Good service

I called Susan's Fiber Shop in Columbus, WI this morning and she wasn't available to talk, didn't leave a message figured I'd call back later. Well she just called me back and I ordered 3 new belts for my homemade electric spinning wheel. Service beyond belief. When they come will get into some serious plying, even tho its not my favorite thing to do it has become absolutely necessary. I will remember the good service and should I ever need anything else will call there first.

Second bobbin of the red is nearly finished, should get it done yet today. Have 2 more full braids plus a couple of yards from 2nd braid so will easily fill at least 3 more bobbins, each close to 8 oz. Its Falkland wool from eweniquely ewe fiber creations in Grants Pass, OR, vintage stuff from my stash.

Have just had 2 days of rain, first day enuff that it made puddles on driveway, then most of yesterday just a steady soft gentle rain, and with temps in upper 30's meant lots more new snow on local mountains. And not very far up north the ground briefly was white. That's OK will take moisture anyway we can get it. Fire at Puntzi Mtn is now 100% contained, prolly just a 100+ miles as the crow flies from here.

Socks for Miss M who is heading to kindergarten this fall, lots of reds, pinks and purples, second sock down just past the heel.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Up Early

Just before 5:30 the geese took off making the wake me up racket. So up to put water on for coffee then to get dressed, just sat down at puter and looked out and saw a black bear ambling this way, grabbed camera and got two pretty fair pix. And the reason I check before opening the door to step out onto the porch. Bear spent a minute or so licking off the dead bugs on front of the car

Just the price I pay for the mountain view.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spinning wheel stuff

I had a Louet S 71 without a drive band, and its been forever since I changed to a new one. Not remembering how to do it I wrote to the Louet forum and had 2 quick responses, the plastic bearing cover had to removed then the back piece with the knob loosened enuff to get the new belt in place. I did just as the gals said and bingo the S 71 is now usable again. First thing I did was to use it for plying some variegated greens.

Feeling better finally from the effects of the cold I even got out the S 90 from its travel case and got it set up ready to spin more of the mixed reds. Cold really slammed me this time and just as I am feeling better the cottonwood fluff is starting to fly, that doesn't agree with me for sure.

Monday will call Susan's Fiber shop in Wisconsin and see if they can make me a new belt for the electric (homemade) wheel) last one I got was from them, must be 10+ years ago. This time if they can do so will order 3.

Had the last of my box of mixed organic greens in a large salad about 4:30 ish, and now feel hungry but will resist and wait until morning for breakfast.

A new follower welcome.

Friday, May 13, 2016


Went into town last Friday for Williams Lakes annual spinning day, 48 spinners showed up and a good time was had by all. Vendors down this year because of other things in their lives, the ones there did really well. Alice had a full table of stuff she was destashing from her fiber, I bought $7 of a fiber called Teddy Bear from Louet, might be 6-7 oz total. Only thing that went wrong all day was when several tried to pull table loaded with the lunch away from the wall, leg folded and everything crashed onto to the floor. Fortunately ladies had more food in kitchen to put out.


Only other thing I brought home was a bad cold, first one in well over a year. Starting to feel better now every day. Had to go to Tatla for more blood letting yesterday, would have much preferred to stay home and as soon as I got home had a 90 minute nap. Soon hope INR stabilizes.

Two more smallish bundles of BFL-Silk mix found, had been in the basket from last falls Desert Mesa. Both will go into the stuff I will be spinning for the Tour de Fleece.

Haven't seen the griz since I wrote about it, but know either he or his friends are still around because of offerings left behind on my driveway.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

1st Grizzly of 2016

8:30 pm just shutting down puter and looked up and saw big griz right in yard over by the driveway, took pix thru window, light wasn't the best but can definitely tell its a griz. Wish I could have got a pix with its head up , to busy eating grass to do so. Will be verra careful loading the car in the morning, its now parked right at the steps of the porch.

Finished first braid of the variegated red Falkland wool, will take the next braid into town to spin at the Williams Lake spin in.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Goodies found

Looking in my largest Rubbermaid container for a long missed braid of variegated green instead found 4 braids of a variegated red Falkland, nearly 32 oz, got it out and started spinning it, and its loverly, like the way it spins and the color, (also found the braid of the green that I started out looking for).

Will try and spin a couple of hours in maybe 30 minute sessions to get fingers ready for upcoming Tour de Fleece. I really don't need anymore handspun yarn but the spinning is my favorite part, plying not so much and of course I do enjoy knitting with my own handspun.

Can't seem to get my INR (Warfarin blood stuff) stable, running now at 1.5 should be higher between 2 and 3, reducing the risk of more blood clots. Guess I'll have to seriously reduce green stuff (high in Vitamin K), cutting back on salads will be the hardest thing.

Yesterday Tatlayoko was coldest spot in BC, -4.4°C, this is of course is only at places with environment Canada weather stations, because I am quite a distance from the weather station in the valley I was at -5°C. Cold for the end of April.

As I was about to leave for knitting bee on Wednesday 9:15 am did my usual check before heading out onto porch, big black bear between the car and the river, by the time I got back into house to grab a camera it had headed west towards the river, waited a few more minutes before heading to the car. Will start carrying small point & shoot camera in my pocket.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Woke this morning just after 4am to the sound of rain on my metal roof, glorious rain, much needed. Proceeded to rain most of the day, a gentle rain that hopefully soaked into the ground. And new snow on surrounding mountains. Tried to get a pix but clouds got in the way. Forecast is for below freezing temps for most of the next week, so may be able to get pix tomorrow. Clear today so got pix of new leaves and new snow on Niut Mountain, just a bit south of my place.

Finished the afterthought heels on latest Monstersocks, they'd been done for some time but kept putting off doing the heels. Thought I had counted rows carefully enuff that they would fit me when finished, no way, closer to a size 9.5 than the 7.5 I wanted, even used row count from an older pair. Didn't work this time. with arthritis in my hands rearing its ugly head sock making is much slower than usual. So far hands seem to be OK with spinning. Maybe when I start on the sleeve to sleeve sweater I'll be using a much larger needle so that might help. Still doing exercises daily for hands.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Desert Mesa

Home Tuesday mid day from Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, BC. Had made arrangements for car unloader to come off the school bus, Lucas can unload car in just minutes, would have taken me a couple of days. Two flats bottled water (24 each) he can carry them both at the same time, I have trouble with just one.

Desert Mesa was as usual a good time, got nearly 4 bobbins filled, gave a bunch of stuff to Gudie to be upcycled, and took 9 full bobbins for her to wind off, stuff now I wonder why I even spun. But the empty bobbins are a treat. I was pleased to find the steps to be not a problem, had been concerned about going up after every meal, down was easy but up I thought might be sorta difficult, just went up a bit slower than usual. While I had been in the hospital was worried that I might never be able to go to DM again and only took one mid day nap.

3 of the Vancouver Island gals made a comfort shawl for Karen B (she lost her son in Sask. some time ago), someone likened the Van Is gals to 3 stooges with and extra Curly. Melody, Isabel and Toni did a nice job on Karen's shawl.

Then a pix of Karen, Gail and Dotty wearing their Amiga sweaters.

I bought 3 colors of BFL roving for the upcoming Tour de Fleece, plans are to finish all 3 batches during the tour. Plus am quite sure I can find more of needed.

Saw first bear of 2016 season, about an hour west of Williams Lake. Last year was the fewest I have seen in prolly the last 10 years, just one black, I know there were more about because of the skat they leave but only saw just the one. Since spring is about 3 weeks earlier than normal am sure they are out and about in my valley, just not wandering thru my place (yet).