Fall has come visiting

Environment Canada's weather page shows the lows for Tatlako in low single digits C for the next week or so, with tomorrow nights low just +1°, much prefer soup weather.

The three pair of kidlet socks delivered all fit and kids were happy to immediately try them on.

Then finished the pair going to Miss M in Pritchard, I liked the colour combo and so did M.
Current socks are for a Monstersockkal, getting to use up a load of leftovers. With lots of college football games on starting tomorrow I should finish sock #2 and maybe start another pair for the KAL. using leftover reds, hot pinks and maybe some purples.

Since my last blog post I lucked out and got a 25 lb box of real tomatoes from Desert Hills in Ashcroft BC, think I've had a tomato with every meal since I got home with them. Don't believe I could ever get tired of eating the real things.

Len K came with the quad and brush hogg and knocked down the weeds in my house yard, some of the toadflax must have been 3 feet hig…

This and That

Out last Sunday to our small farmers market in Tatla Lake, was hoping for eggs and bread, no eggs but instead scored real tomatoes from the Okanagan, bought 8 sorta large and have had one a day since I came home. 2 left, bummer had just got used to having them again. I do have to make a trip into town for prescription refills in the next few days might luck out and find more at Beaver Valley Feeds.

The socks for Miss E are on the way, Jo forgot to pick them up when she left but via the who is going to town to make connections they made it. Looking forward to pix on the kids. As soon as I was done with this batch started a pair for Maela, Opal variegated green for main colour then lots of odds and sods for the patterns. Pix after a bit more progress.
Have a #monstersockkal starting Sept. 1st so that will be next project, lots of blues, and greens all odds and sods.

Haven't neglected (to much) my spinning, finished the second bobbin of the little bits, used red about every 4th or so…

Kids Socks

Have been working on socks for Miss E who will start school this Sept, one pair done and almost finished with first sock of second pair. Smaller socks are for her brother, will by and by make a second pair for him as well. These are for Jo's grandchildren, Jo hauls my garbage to the dump twice a month or so, gets grandchildren with warm feet from the deal. The two reds are going to be exactly the same size so they could be mixed.

While at NwRSA conference they had a library dispersal sale, I didn't go up with the main crowd, waited til it was down to 2 or 3 people, likely all the good stuff would be gone, NOT. One of the books I'd been wanting for 10+ years was still there "Knitting in the Hebrides" by Alice Starmore, the Robin Hansen Mitten book is another that I'd been thinking about. K in the H was $35, Hansen book $5, third book was one of the last ones on the table by this time books left were free. Picked it up for someone local that weaves Navajo rugs.

Home from NwRSA Conf.

Conf again this year was at the Red Lion hotel in Olympia, WA, was a good weekend. Not as many old friends were able to make it this year tho. Gail, Vicki, rode down with me, unloaded stuff at entrance then Gail parked the car. Got bobbin #2 of the odds and sods done will ply in the next couple of days. Bobbin on the left is the one I'd done here, the right is the one I worked on at conf, its now finished.
Connie, Gail, Vicki and me.
I took all my finished socks along to distribute to various people, the orangerinos that V ordered finally delivered, then a pair of either full socks or shorties to a couple more. Gail and Val S got socks for helping me out when my puter was down, Connie got shorties for the tail end of the Schacht deal, Alison Sell got another pair of shorties for helping me at conf last year. She wasn't in pix busy elsewhere.
The orangerinos on V's feet, was pleased beyond words that they fit and she liked them.
Several up the valley have seen a wounded bro…

Soup again

All the celery fit to eat chopped into smallish pieces, 3 carrots chopped, chicken cooking. Will later add veggies to soup stock and simmer for eventual supper. 60°F and rain in forecast, just sounded like soup weather. Am out of several other things that I could have added to soup, onions, and potatoes. Getting low on lots of stuff, don't want to go to town just to pick up a few groceries.

Will be stopping in Spences Bridge on way home from conference just in case there are any tomatoes ready, if that happens will then buy a couple or 3 cartons cottage cheese, nothing better than matters and CC. My Mother always said my first word was matters and more than 70 years later have never got tired of them.

Have my list of stateside stuff I will be picking up Tillamook cheese for Lorelee (10 pounds medium cheddar) and 4 pounds sharp for me, L gets 2 lb. blocks and I buy 1 lb pieces for me.

Woke up this morning to cows bawling along my fence, new cattle guard kept them out. Included in b…


Finished the Orangerino's for Vicki, think without a doubt the most intricate patterns I have ever used. Someone once watching me knit on patterned socks asked where my pattern was, told her didn't have one that my fingers knew what to do with each colour. And if I had any issues, that going to sleep and dreaming about same straightened everything out.
6 am while reading email, enjoying first cup of coffee and watching a doe with twin fawns wander across my yard, she would stop and nibble on grass waiting for babies to catch up. Sweet.

Yesterday I had the cattle guard on my driveway removed and the pit underneath dug out. It has been in place for at least 25 years and being at the bottom of the drive gradually filled up with sand and gravel, so much so that the cattle could just walk across. NO MORE. Last evening watched 4 cows with calves stroll right up drive without even trying to get into my yard. Click on pix to make larger.

Planning on skeining recently plied yarn today …

This and That

Needing empty bobbins to take with me to conference the end of this month, knew I had to ply to get them. Oh Hell, definitely not my favorite part of the job. First two were a gray ish mix, plied the old fashioned way using my already sore right leg on my Louet S70, done in 15 or so minute increments, not to bad for being so rusty. But then looking at the more than 30 full bobbins (I did say I dislike plying very much), in a hissy fit with an electric (homemade) plying wheel sitting right there but without a belt to run the beast. So while the hissy was still active I got out the two broke drive belts, lit a candle and joined them together, after the first fuse used my fingers to smooth and straighten them. Two burned fingers later had two usable belts. Bingo. Found two bobbins with unknown fiber on both, different colours and all, started plying on electric wheel, not so bad after all. Larger  amount on the one bobbin, will eventually be plied with another wild leftover bit. I really…