Wednesday 13th

Have finally got back to my normal mornings, have coffee while reading email and the news on puter, then when timer goes off (after 45 minutes) shut puter down and move over to spinning wheel. Try and get at least 45 minutes at the wheel, then either more woolie stuff like plying or skeining just plied yarn. Very much enjoy everything about my addiction except plying, but know its a necessary evil. Spinning the BFL that I bought at conference, like it a lot (except for the nasty guard hairs in fiber). Aiming to have it done before TdeF starts in July. Planning on spinning more of the Corriedale pencil roving I got from LK. Have one more of the multi colored purple-ish will randomly ply two of the purple-ish colors once its all spun.

Went to Tatla yesterday for INR blood stuff, then to knitting bee, just Christine and me to start, Jeanie came along close to lunch time, left early cause it was cold in church eating area, once in car turned heat up on high, not bad for almost the middle …

This and That

Home from 2018 conference of NwRSA held this year in Olympia, WA. Facilities this year were great, Red Lyon hotel, with everything under one roof, no long walks to meals, classes or spinning room.  General consensus of everyone there thought it was outstanding so much so that it will be held there again in 2019.

I only bought one bit of a BFL mix roving. Got 12 oz and once spun (and sufficiently aged) will ply with another BFL-Silk mix that I already have spun, also have a BFL-mohair mix so will likely do a 3 ply for super strong sock yarn.

Return home was a bit tricky as I-5 was completely closed so taking directions from Sharon (she lives in Bellevue so knows the area) I drove around the traffic mess. Then stopped in Bellingham and bought lunch to take with me to Carol and Toms place, deli meats, swiss cheese, 2 deli salads and big sandwich buns, then ended up with a motel in B-Ham for the night. Got passport pix in the morning (for renewal) and did a run thru of Fred Myers for groc…

Sock Stuff

Finished the socks that had been in timeout.

Briefly thinking that my sock knitting had hit a wall, for overnight didn't have a clue what I wanted to do next, but with yesterdays knitting bee coming up knew I had to start something. So a ball of a dark gray Opal, many leftovers bits of greens (variegated and solid), then same in blues. So far so good, may end up being another pair to add to my stash. For some strange reason socks that are almost 10 years old are getting a bit thin on the bottom.

Went to Tatla yesterday for blood letting (INR), then carried on to knitting bee where I finally delivered in person to Andrea the socks that I so struggled to finish. Much blood sweat and even tears at times.

All the places where I crossed the river (twice) and Crazy Creek (once) were very high, so far both seem to behaving, but today's high temps (+27° C) may encourage more melting in the high country. As long as both stay away from the road will keep me happy.

Yellow jackets - wasps…

This & That

Socks that had been in time out while I finished socks for Andrea are back in the game, turned the heel last night (while watching hockey) this morning down the decreases for the gusset. All leftover bits of Regia Kaffee Fassett from other socks, have already used up 2 smaller balls (colors I will miss further down the foot).

 Then to use up more handspun from the ever increasing stash I bought the pattern for Stephen West's Penguono. As of right now thinking I'll use several blues (variegated) and a few blue green mixes, think I prolly have enuff handspun on hand to make almost everyone I know the jacket. Will be awhile before I can get to it still have a couple of sock orders to do, then will nicely refuse any more orders for some time.

Still getting frost most mornings, -1° this morning at 6:30 am, up early again as stupid nesting geese did a fly by and with bedroom window open can hear them just fine. The little peninsula that they usually have their nest on is currently u…


Have finally finished the socks for Andrea, started mid January and finished May 11, must be longest time frame for any socks for me.
Hydro guys cut limbs that might interfere with power line last fall then we got lots of snow so they have just now come back to run limbs thru the big industrial chipper. Then the bucket went up high to get the ones that they couldn't reach, really scalped some of my trees.
A couple more pix from Williams Lake spin in on May 5th.

Denise in the longest yardage in 15 minutes competition,  and a group shot (me included in orange top) next to Denise..

Not much else new and excitingly different unless I count the Saskatoon bushes starting to blossom and right on schedule Tatlayoko was the coldest spot in BC at 7 am this morning, -2.2C.

Home from Williams Lake Spin In

Left Friday morning for Wms Lk and Spin In on Saturday, lots of deer (can you say dodge em), did see 4 black bear in various places. No time to get pix as they were either in a bad spot or ran as soon as car got close. So back home Sunday 3ish, unloaded perishables and will get wheel and the rest in yet today.

Spin In was as usual a perfect day. First thing Saturday morning I dropped my car off at Kal Tire so they could do winter tire change over, they gave me a ride to church for spin in, that left Denise to load all my stuff to the church and load all again when it was time to break up since my car was still at Kal tire. Alice gave me a ride to pick up the car just before 4, then back up to Denise's for the night. Then Sunday morning Denise reloaded stuff into my car, meaning she handled everything 3 times.

 Blogger is acting weird, can't put cursor where I want it. So to finish the trip, picked up groceries (not much) and headed west, home just after 3. Have a whole lot mo…


None in my yard anymore and even green grass showing up, and if we got some rain everything would jump. Lots of catkins on poplar trees may even have new leaves show up sometime this week, that is the best colour green ever.

Andrea's socks moving right along, have turned heel and down into first pattern on the foot of the second sock. Will be ever so glad to finally finish them.

Heading into town on Friday for the Williams Lake spin in on Saturday, have several things to do on Friday banking, summer haircut, picking up prescription refills, and finally getting winter tires off the car (about 4 weeks late because of ever lingering snow squalls), think finally we might be done with such.Also will plan on stopping at Staples to look for a new mouse for laptop, current model (old) no longer scrolls in either direction.

Took ice pick off my cane, put ice cleats off my winter boots away until next October, even moved heavy winter jacket into storage for the summer.

Nice enuff at 12°C (…