Not as cold

-22°C this morning, just a tad bit warmer. Forecast for the next 10 days or so, show temps in -20's at night. Pretty easy to get tired of this cold but then remember its still only February. Warmer weather will come in due time.

Finished the first pink-y sock and have already cast on for #2. They will be sorta fraternal, same colours in each pattern but just in different places (I think).

 Also working on another sock , when arthritic left hand gets to sore using it on the patterned pink sock I switch to the black with lots of MaryAnn Smiths leftover bits. The patterns in the black sock are much easier for left hand to deal with.

Not much else in my wild mountain valley. Will have a KB next week on the 13th, same as good food box arrival.


With last nights temp of -29°C being the coldest of this arctic cold snap, am ever so glad I flipped my comforter yesterday morning, Saturday nights temp of -26° left me a bit cold under the thinnest part of the comforter. Prediction for tonight is -34°C, so I did cave and shut bedroom window, not completely tight but close enuff.

Finished the latest pair of shortie socks, have been wearing them to bed along with the nuked rice bag, perfection. Have enuff of the same yarn to make another pair. Its an older skein of Lorna's Laces from my stash.
Just starting the third pattern on the pink socks, should finish it  in the next couple of days, should have had them both done some time ago but arthritis in left hand has been bothersome, so can't knit for long periods of time like I used to.
Right now wool room is in full sunshine and heat is turned completely off, once sun sets behind west mountains in another 45 minutes or so will be turning it back up.
Watched yesterdays stupidbowl…

Socks and Stuff

Out Wednesday to KB, taking all three pairs socks currently underway. First sock for delivery to Fernie is well over half way down patterned leg, second pr are shorties started well before Christmas.

Shorties are closest to being finished so will work at them today and hopefully will finish second sock, in time to wear to bed tonight.

Third pair are Opal wool and cotton mix, intended them to be for me this summer, but think now they will go into a prolonged time out. Want to finished first two projects before finishing the Opal mix.

Nothing else new and excitingly different to report, quiet and peaceful just the way I like it.

Yesterdays high was +11 almost spring like, now tho a bit of a cold front on the way in.

The last sock yarn buys

The last of purchased sock yarn for this year. Bought most of above in 2018 and have promised myself not to buy any in 2019. Barter or freebies is another story. Have a pair promised using one of the oranges and likely some of the lime green, customer wants wild.

Not much going on in my wild mountain valley, very little snow left, but lots of ice. The 2 + feet we had in January melted due to above normal temp and several days of rain. Planning on having a go at my driveway tomorrow, knitting bee and the monthly good food box will be in Tatla Lake. Will be my first trip out of the house in a couple of weeks. That's one of the reasons I've been so quiet, nothing going on to find anything out.

Finished second pair of socks for Jo's grandson Eli, will pass them over on Friday when she comes to pick up goodies for a dump run.
Now back to socks for Gayle in Fernie,  pix last blog. Pale pink is main colour.

Cooked a largish butternut squash a couple of days ago, ate about 1/4 no…

Lots of pix

Lots of knitting done over the holidays, watched college football bowl games (a few) and the World Junior Hockey championships. And weather was crappy, rain and wind dropped snow in my yard from 2 + feet to less than 8 inches, right now temps are +5 with a strong south wind. Hopefully warm enuff and with so much wind the ice on my driveway will soon be gone.

Had a bunch of hot pinks, reds, and lots of other colours that I thought might work for Monstersocks, so much left over after adult size 9+ that I then made a pair for Everlee (3 years old) then a pair for Maela 8 years. Now glad to see the end of this colour range. First pix are the socks for Maela, then the adult version and last socks for Everlee and orange for her grandmother.

I sent shortie socks to VA for Christmas for my SIL, she likes to sleep in same when its cold.

Next socks will be the second pair for Gayle Vallance in Fernie. Have sent pix to her to make sure all the colours suit.
Had a very quiet Christmas, cooked a s…


Neighbour just plowed my driveway, hopefully wide enuff for propane truck to come down. Haven't had a fill up since last January so think maybe its getting a bit low. Tractor driver (Troy) thinks that there is 20+ inches, he then cleared off my porch and steps and shoveled around car so could get out now if I had to. Am not planning on going anywhere for some time, staying home knitting on current socks.

 I went out Wednesday to Tatla for KB and to pick up veggies from good food box, $20 and I end up with way more veggies than I could buy in grocery store.


I bit the bullet and went to town on Wednesday for last denturist app't, lucked out majorly (trumpism), within 10 minutes of getting home Thursday 3 pm started to lightly snow, before I went to bed 4-5 inches and during the night rain. The freezing kind, was ever so glad I went in when I did. Upper denture fits like a glove, its perfect, however lower partial feels like it trying to realign my lower jaw, unfortunately guy is closed now for holidays and won't be back till mid January. Now just using it for eating then it comes out and sits in denture cup. I'm sure he will fix problem once holidays are over.

Second red sock down to heel, with football on the telly and leftovers for supper should get well along the leg before Sunday is over. Ordered replacement sock yarn from Hazel Knits in Seattle, if I didn't need to replace several colours I would have waited until $ was in better shape. But sock yarn addiction is much cheaper than cigarettes or booze. And I ge…