Knitting Time Out

Went to the clinic in Tatla on Friday to see Dr Rob, he looked everything over and then decided to remove a bump on the back of my right hand. And decided to send it to the lab in Wms Lk to be looked over, so incision prolly a bit over and inch 1/4 long, took 5 stitches to close. Tad bit sore for any knitting. Using the cane in my right hand doesn't work well at all. Seems as tho bear activity has slowed way down. haven't seen one in my yard since the 9th. Pretty sure from their leavings that they are still around I just haven't seen them. And only keep track of the ones I can see right in my house yard. Dalmation toad flax (noxious weed) took off this year like I've never seen, seems like half my yard is yellow. Local weed knocker downer was here yesterday and said he woud try and come as soon as he could and using his quad to hook up to brush hog will get whole yard done in about an hour. Much safer when things start to dry up, less of a fire hazard.


  1. So sorry your hand is sore. I know what you mean about having to use a cane with the "wrong" hand - it really does not work well. The temps here in the American South are obnoxious, so I hope you are having some good weather. Take care of yourself!

  2. Hope your lump turns out to be a fatty cyst or some other benign growth. We do seem to acquire a ton of them as we age. Sure am glad the only wildlife in my yard is skunk & raccoon size!! Take care

  3. Sorry to hear about your surgery. Hope the area heals well and you will soon be able to knit comfortably again. Best wishes. Anonymous Janet in Seattle


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