Desert Mesa

Desert Mesa In Cache Creek was the 17th thru the 20th, was outstanding as usual. Pleased that I can still go up and down the steps for meals even tho I do move slow on steps. Ran into quite a bit of snow on the way home, tho for the most part it wasn't sticking to the road, glad for the snow tires. Once I dropped down to 100 Mile House snow quit and roads were bare & dry.

Only  thing I bought was variegated sock yarns from Mary-anne Smith for use in Monstersocks, no spinning fibres, none. Oh did buy a nasty cold somewhere on the trip, felt punk most of last week, even so uncomfortable that I went without food Thursday and Friday, only drinking water. On the mend now after the week from hell.

Still working on the second reds Monstersock, about half way down the foot on 2nd sock. As soon as its finished will get the sock yarn into balls to start on socks for Jean in Oregon. She wants red for the main colour then lots of bright colours along with. But identical (if my fingers will allow me to do so). These are the colours I plan on using, may add more as spirit moves  me.

Desert Mesa is one of the highlights of things I go to, smaller group than usual but it worked out just fine. My roommate buddy Gail and friends weren't able to make it this time, Gail's truck had brake issues, Karen had the flu and Vicki an ill husband. Would have been an even better time if they had been able to come.

Today is the first day since I've been home that I felt good enuff to update my neglected blog. But this time I had a good excuse.


  1. Glad you enjoyed Desert Mesa. Sounds like fun. Do you bring your spinning wheel each tie you go? The socks your making next look colorful. Happy you are feeling better. There has been alot of different sicknesses going around in this area, so I guess it's every where. Take care!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed you time. Even happier, you're feeling better.

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling human again. We miss you when the blog is silent. Isn't it nice to get out and about to gatherings with your "people"?

  4. Love your yarn choices and I found the Monster Sock pattern on Ravelry. Looks like a great choice for mixing pieces of yarn.


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