Another trip to town again for the dentist and denturist, fitting at denturist for a new partial lower. existing one is prolly 40+ years old and has been repaired so many times that nothing now can be done to fix it. So a new one it is.

Took my knitting with and stayed at friend Lorelee's in town, managed to get in about 12 rows on current socks. The second sock of this pair. All colours on the leg are reversed on second sock and may do the same for the foot.

Have some Opal sock yarn that is a bit different from the usual Opal one sees. Not yet sure if when I use it for socks that I might use some white along with, have 2 skeins of each of the two colours.

Was lucky on my drive home yesterday(getting close to dusk the last 20+ miles) that I didn't see any deer until coming down my driveway, then was going slow enuff that was easy to stop when 3 ran across the road in front of me.

Didn't need much at grocery store as big winter stock up order was 2 weeks ago, mostly stuff I forgot. Only thing I bought that wasn't on my list were two packages chicken breasts, on sale. Will separate with 2 pieces in each plastic bag then freeze all in another freezer zip lock bag.

Was to tired and with a queasy stomach to do anything about eating when I got home at 4:45, put fridge stuff away, then had a 45 minute nap. Finally got around to eating something about 8 pm, real comfort food, had a small bowl of oatmeal. That went down easy and helped a lot with queasy stomach.

Left stuff in the car overnight, no danger of TP or Kleenex freezing, will bring in sometime today.


  1. Really like the colors you have in the socks, also like the sock yarn very much. Such pretty colors. It's a good thing your a where of the deer in you area. I had that happen once when I was on my way to Maine. Took me by surprise, but could stop in time. I have them in my back once in a while. Their such a striking animal.

  2. You have probably already finished the second sock!

    My sister once hit a deer at night in Maine--ran out of nowhere. She was heartbroken. The first guy to stop asked her if he could have it, although realized he should ask if she was OK.... I saw one run across the road here in central Florida once, but mostly they are behind the fence in a nearby park with other deer and critters.

    Looking forward to your next post--love to see your pictures.


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