Wednesday 13th

Have finally got back to my normal mornings, have coffee while reading email and the news on puter, then when timer goes off (after 45 minutes) shut puter down and move over to spinning wheel. Try and get at least 45 minutes at the wheel, then either more woolie stuff like plying or skeining just plied yarn. Very much enjoy everything about my addiction except plying, but know its a necessary evil. Spinning the BFL that I bought at conference, like it a lot (except for the nasty guard hairs in fiber). Aiming to have it done before TdeF starts in July. Planning on spinning more of the Corriedale pencil roving I got from LK. Have one more of the multi colored purple-ish will randomly ply two of the purple-ish colors once its all spun.

Went to Tatla yesterday for INR blood stuff, then to knitting bee, just Christine and me to start, Jeanie came along close to lunch time, left early cause it was cold in church eating area, once in car turned heat up on high, not bad for almost the middle of June. Yesterdays low was -3°C, that is the 4th day I've recorded below 0°C since I got home from conference on the 6th.

So feeling good, am glad to be back to mostly normal activities.


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