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Home from 2018 conference of NwRSA held this year in Olympia, WA. Facilities this year were great, Red Lyon hotel, with everything under one roof, no long walks to meals, classes or spinning room.  General consensus of everyone there thought it was outstanding so much so that it will be held there again in 2019.

I only bought one bit of a BFL mix roving. Got 12 oz and once spun (and sufficiently aged) will ply with another BFL-Silk mix that I already have spun, also have a BFL-mohair mix so will likely do a 3 ply for super strong sock yarn.

Return home was a bit tricky as I-5 was completely closed so taking directions from Sharon (she lives in Bellevue so knows the area) I drove around the traffic mess. Then stopped in Bellingham and bought lunch to take with me to Carol and Toms place, deli meats, swiss cheese, 2 deli salads and big sandwich buns, then ended up with a motel in B-Ham for the night. Got passport pix in the morning (for renewal) and did a run thru of Fred Myers for grocery stuff I can't get in BC. Then north to Sally's for another overnight, left Tuesday morning for Williams Lake, starting to feel all the travel and strange beds. Picked up produce, fruit etc. in WL first thing then headed west. Dorian (super car unloader) had everything out of the car and in the house in about 5 minutes.

Had rain overnight last night and new snow on west mountains this morning. Juneuary with frost several mornings while I was gone. And tonight's forecast is again below freezing.


  1. How great that the NWRSA location was such a good choice this year. I was sorry to miss but with packing a house to move I couldn't even consider leaving. If it's going to be there again next year rather than Eastern WA or even Idaho I'll definitely put it on my calendar.


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