June 21

Thunderman and Lightfoot complete with a few minutes of hard rain, hoping the valley gets more of the wet stuff. The 19th saw a lightening strike with fire along what is called Halfway South road, goes up into an area that was logged some time ago. Made for a scary night. Fire crew got on it really quick so by the next mid day fire was contained. Relief.
Soccer on the telly Argentina vs Croatia, so far game is ho hum, bad ref from a long time ago. Half time now.

Working on a pair of Monstersocks using up a good bit of leftover bits Solid blues with variegated same then solid greens with variegated , all with a dark steel gray in between each color.

Am well into second 4 oz bundle of the natural colored BFL, am hoping to have it all finished before the TdeF starts in early July. As far as I know I'll be home almost all the days of the Tour this year.

Left several windows open all night, one in living room and two in wool room, was nice and fresh this morning, got in my 45 minutes spinning while is was comfortable.


  1. Beautiful scenery. I like your socks.

  2. I hope this summer is better than last year and that you will not have to evacuate your home. Last year was a little too scary, I think, and definitely too destructive for those who live near by.

  3. Love the socks! Hope the fire season won't be nearly as bad this year, for anyone!

    You get so much more spun in shorts burst than I do! I'm sure we will see lots of your full bobbins during TdF this year.


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