Sock for Andrea continues to move right along, completed heel since I last wrote and now almost 40 rows down the foot. If all goes according to plan should finish #1 in next few days. Then will immediately start on #2.

When I'm not knitting have been (sit down and get ready)  plying, the most disliked part of spinning my own yarn. Was absolutely necessary, didn't have any empty bobbins. So far have done two light gray, 2 variegated leftovers, and 2 half full assorted greens. The bottom layer on the big plying bobbin is the assorted greens, current mix is more blue-green stuff. Pixs below.

Can actually see a bit of bare ground, where driveway was plowed. With temps at night since well below freezing and daytime highs in upper 40's to low 50's the snow has settled and started melting even in some places water is running down hill.

I put off my planned trip to town will wait another week. Sahnte and John are going in Thursday and will pick up LE Cukes, tzatziki and navel oranges, may ask for some celery and a rotisserie chicken, many meals and then chicken with rice soup.


  1. 1st sock now finished, will start #2 while watching basketball tonight.


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