Shifting Whispering Down

With an arctic outflow headed my way and window in bedroom still cracked open figured I'd better flip down comforter over. This is a pretty good one from LL Bean but over a bit of time the down shifts, when I wake up cold I know its time for a good shake and flip. Did so yesterday and with rice bag for my feet and comforter flipped was perfectly warm all night. And its looking like a white Christmas, been snowing since just after 9am and its still coming down at -8°C (18°F). With the arctic air on the way not to much chance it will melt.

Have a small turkey breast for Christmas supper, lots of leftovers then the best part turkey noodle soup. Have enuff carrots left to make a small carrot salad, a yam would be nice but not much chance of finding any out here.

 Finished the teal socks and another pair of shorties. Will yet today starting winding the yarn for Andrea's socks, 7 or 8 colours all needing to be wound into center pull balls.

One of my neighbors stops and picks up my trash to go to the dump, I've been trading a pair of socks every other trip (for her 2 grandchildren). last trip I gave her enuff for the rest of the winter and it turns out her husband was on his way down for a visit, so took socks along.


  1. Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful turkey soup!

  2. Have a wonderful white Christmas!

    Love the socks--such fun colors! Nice tradeoff of socks for trash trips, and they'll have them for Christmas and the cold weather.

  3. Glad I checked to see if you had put up a post. Love those socks, all of them. You are such a spirit Lynne. I admire your dedication to your craft. Was it always socks for you or did you start with other crafts?

    PS I sometimes see you have sent a "messenger" note but I can't respond. I can only do email or see a reply here on your blogspot.

    Happy New Year. We are having "freezing rain"!!! Yikes!

  4. I love these shoes in Formal as well as in Casual Purpose


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