Winter has dropped

Started snowing Thursday morning and just a bit over 5-6 inches and then the temps dropped, Fridays night time low was -20°C, Saturday-21°, Sunday -19·. Wasn't able to get main house furnace back up and running until Saturday, turns out the ignite wire has become unhooked. Neighbor Len K got it back in proper place and I had heat straight away. My car Friday morning.

The queen is home and running as smooth as it could do. Bought the Schacht Matchless from a friends estate, Sue Wilson passed away sometime this spring. I sold the one I had a couple of years ago and almost instantly regretted it so when I had the chance to get this one with a woolee winder, the wheels for transporting, extra bobbins just felt it was the right thing to do. Am delighted to have it back in my wool room. And I don't usually name my wheels but this one will forever be called 'the Queen'.

I did go to Tatla Lake last Tuesday for INR blood check was good at 2.2 and the annual flu shot, then back out on Wednesday for KB and visit to library. Not planning on two trips in one week but blood can only go now on Tues. or Thursday, knowing dirty weather was forecast for Thursday figured it was smarter to do it Tuesday. Not much else exciting in my life just now, quiet just the way I like it.


  1. Quiet sounds good to me. You had plenty of excitement over the summer this year!

  2. Stay cozy and warm inside spinning on your new to you wheel.

  3. The new wheel looks happy to be in your wool room. :-)

  4. You have done my heart and soul good with that picture of *the Queen in your wool room. I know that Sue is happy that her wheel has gone to a good home . Her Grace looks very happy in her new room. Stay warm and I am looking forward to seeing the yarn that comes off that wheel.

  5. With all the running around you did this year, you deserve some quiet time with your wheels. With a little less coughing & a little more de-junking in MY wool room, I might be able to do the same!! Keep on Socking!


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