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Same ole, same ole. On weekends I knit, watch football, do dishes, knit and sometimes to vary the routine do laundry and cook enuff on Friday to last the weekend. So not terribly much to write about. Did finish a pair of socks the all leftovers reds and oranges. These I think I'll keep for myself(I think).

Took a bunch of colors to last KB for Andrea to pick out colors she wants in her socks. The blue on the left (Hazel Knits) will be the main color, she wants patterns right down to the toe, only thing I don't know is if she wants fraternal or identical. May see her again this week and will find out.

And got a pix of Kristie wearing her socks, was hoping for a full shot but will settle for just the feet. She waited a long time for the socks (thru the evacuations of the summer) and many other things that got in the way.....

Had heavy snow warnings posted on environment Canada's weather page for the last two days and what came down didn't amount to much of anything, was heavy and wet and as day progressed the warmer temps had it melting almost as soon as it hit.

Having our KB on Thursday this week so that I don't have to go out twice, can get INR blood work done now on Tuesday and or Thursday, then hopefully if its in the good range will only have to go out every three weeks.


  1. Love the red socks! Kristie's socks look great, too. Hope the blood work came out fine, and you had a fun trip out today.

    My family grilled burgers and hot dogs for Thanksgiving today. I am about to finish knitting another Wingspan (ravelry pattern), my favorite TV knitting pattern. Tomorrow I need to decide what is next on my knitting list to donate this winter.

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