Yellow Snow

Windy enuff that leaves are coming down as yellow snow. Everything started turning color about a month ago now far enuff along that they've started coming down. And with rain in forecast they will fall then even faster. Rain is most welcome especially after the fires this summer, some won't be completely out until snow flies (and some of the bigger ones not even then).

Have been working on Monstersocks, white pair I started and finished straight away, the pinky pair were started in May (hangs head in shame), other things I liked better got in the way. But am determined now to finish them and one other (not as old) project. Then and only then will I start something new. Hey its been a pretty tough summer.

I am really looking forward to upcoming Desert Mesa, sure to hear even more fire horror stories. After that will go down to Monroe, WA for Fiber Fusion then home for the winter. While in town before heading south will get snow tire on the car, mandatory after October 1st for highway driving, then an oil change, service on the car for upcoming winter driving, and if I have time a haircut. On the way home from FF will be stopping at Freddie's in Bellingham for my annual cheese buy, I usually get 5 1 lb bricks of Tillamook old for me and as much as 10 lbs for Lorelee. What I buy for myself will last until I go south again in April of next year.

Actually looking forward to colder weather to slow down flies, have hundreds banging against windows and then at night crashing into lamp shade. By early next week night time lows are well below freezing then might slow summer bugs down.


  1. Yuck all those flies! I think the pink socks are fun, but I have projects "in progress" that I'm not in the mood to finish now, so I totally understand yielding to working on something that's more fun at the time.

    Hope to see pics and hear about your upcoming adventures--it's weird to think about planning for driving in snow when we have had several days of 93-94F. It "should" be 10 degrees lower this time of year in Florida.

  2. It's so good to have plans that don't involve fleeing! Hope you have a wonderful time "out and about".

  3. So nice to hear that your up-coming travels are planned jaunts and not evacuations.

  4. Looking forward to seeing you at FF and dont feel bad about the socks. I have projects that are sitting from a year ago that I put on "time out " because they wouldnt behave for some reason or another . Glad that the fire and smoke are gone for the year and now its been crisp fall days in the Northwest the past few days. Really glad that you are traveling because you want to not because you have too.


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