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Fall is in the air, -4° C, at 7:15am Tatlako and Puntzi were the two coldest spots in BC, pretty much a hard freeze. New snow on most of surrounding mountains yesterday morning. AND the cooler damper weather has slowed down a bit on local wild fires. All areas out my way have had the evacuation orders and alerts rescinded.

Finished the second pair of ankle high shorties last night and this morning I kitchenered the toe, then worked in all ends. Have enuff of the bits to easily make another pair. Plans right now are to use them for bed socks when weather is really cold, I will be using the rice bag for my feet but every once in a while I get it to hot so that's when bed socks will come in handy.

Len and Denise are coming out this weekend to finally set screen door and framing in place. Right after the inside door was hung with half inch gaps to outdoors, the big washout took place then as soon as that was repaired the fires took off and they were evacuated for almost a month. Its getting cold enuff now at night that the repairs are going to really be needed.


  1. Those are really nice ankle socks. I've knit a few pair, and wear them for hot-weather vacations, such as Walt Disney World. All that walking without wool socks to prevent blisters would be a real bummer!

  2. Snazzy socks! Some day I am going to knit socks with my handspun.

    Glad you should be ready for cooler weather soon, and the fires are ending. We are dealing the Irma damage here in Central Florida. It's been a bad summer with all the fires in the US and Canada and two hurricanes in the US. Hopefully things will be better soon.

  3. Hi Lynne! So happy that you are back home knitting socks. It seems "just right"!!! The ankle socks are very pretty. I hadn't checked your blog in such a long time; glad you are still there!


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