For everyone worried about me I am OK. The smoke cleared yesterday and breathing was normal. Its back again today, but cool enuff to leave windows shut up tight. -1° at just after 6 am the coldest spot in BC and after the heat wave in here the cooler air is most welcome. Instead of sleeping on top of comforter last night was underneath and it felt great.

Finally finished Kristie's socks, this pair was on the needles since last February, was almost difficult to make the socks identical. And see now that the last pattern isn't the same, just a sight bit of difference. Will get them washed today so hopefully they can go out with Wednesdays mail.

Had some rain yesterday and was most welcome, even stood outside until my head was pretty wet, with the rain came blessedly cooler weather. Not much of a fan of temps in low 30's, when its cool like this really easy to just put on a sweater.


  1. Those are beautiful socks! Glad to hear life is improving there.

  2. Gorgeous socks! I really like the bright bands that look like gold ankle chains. Thanks for checking in and glad things are cooling off for you!

  3. We had a bit of rain here - just enough to miss the meteor show on Saturday dammit - but it helped to clear the really bad air!! Much cooler at night too. I agree with you, much easier to put on a sweater in cooler weather than deal with a heat wave!! Glad to hear you're okay & not lost in the back of nowhere evacuating once more.

  4. Yea we had rain as well and blessed cooler weather . The smoke has cleared and we can see the sky again . Glad to hear that you are doing ok and finishing projects .


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