Eventful summer so far

First thing exciting was the big washout on the only road into Williams Lake (detour available for the hearty and brave), after road was repaired, the next biggie was the start of the fires, so many big ones that it truly was scary. I left on the 16th (while I still could get out of here) because of breathing issues from the heavy smoke. Made it to Avola and Fay & Monty's place late Sunday afternoon. There for two nights, then followed the Yellowhead highway to Prince George (total of just under 1000 kms from home). Jim & BJ's place was the perfect hideout for this refugee-evacuee. Felt towards the end that I had overstayed, but had to wait until Highway 20 was opened so that I could get home. Finally Friday 28th fire had allowed #20 to open again, relief.

Some of the fire activity that I saw on the way out on 16th, some places still had small fires burning right up to edge of highway.

Now more or less back to almost normal activities (still under evacuation alert), spun quite a bit this morning on second braid of what I will forever call my refugee yarn, did first 4 oz braid while in PG. Eventually it will be my refugee socks. What looks like black in pix is really a dark purple.

Yesterday pix of sun coming over east mountain. So much smoke that could hardly see the sun.

And finally something I stole from Maggie's pix and will forever become my motto.

So after a long journey am so glad to be back in my wild mountain valley. Where its still hot and dry, low 90's in forecast for at least the next week.


  1. Hope you have enough resources to hold out for awhile- unless you get evacuated again. Crossing fingers for you! We have to be in Prince Rupert by the end of the month for the ferry to Haida Gwaii and daily watching the highways open and close. We might have to go the long way around too! Such a bad year for everyone. Stay safe!

  2. So glad to hear you are safe and hope it stays that way, friends from Williams lake were allowed to return and hopefully do not have to evacuate again. Love the color of the roving. It has been so hot and dry here all I have done is water the gardens hoping to keep things alive for next year.

  3. Hopefully it will will cool off or a little rain will come in to cool things down. Its been a long time since I have seen the fires get so bad up north that the smoke makes it all the way to Seattle / Portland area . The Hot weather looks to stay around for a while too. Stay safe up there !!!

  4. You have definitely had an eventful summer, Lynne! Hopefully the rest of the summer (and year!) are without any more dramatic events. You've already had more than your share to deal with. I love your new motto.

  5. Not the sorts of adventures one looks forward to. Good luck on the rest of the year being calm and predictable.
    Your roving is lovely. Would you tell us where we could buy some?

  6. Scary stuff up there - hoping for early rains.


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