The Beast is back

With the TdF coming up quickly I decided I had better empty 2 more bobbins. So cobbled up a belt for the old electric plying wheel (the beast). Very carefully using a candle joined in two places one of the belts I had gotten from Susan's Fibers (they lasted less than 15 minutes) did the joining 3 days ago. So today thought I'd give it a shot, so far so good. As much as I dislike plying felt pretty good to be back at it.

But before I could start plying had to skein off the yarn from the big bobbin, ended up with a bit over 600 yards of the light gray and approx. 450 of the variegated stuff. Added kid mohair randomly to the green and hoped for fuzzies to show up and they did. For now will just be added to my handspun stash, by and by something will show up to be knit from same.

And (drum roll please) finished the first sock for Kristie, sometimes my hands were almost to sore to carry the second colour in my left hand (its the arthritic one). Am verra glad she went with a solid colour foot. Did do a bit of a patterned part down close to toe decreases. Second sock about to the end of the top ribbing.

Yesterday and again this morning Tatlako was the coldest spot in BC between 6 and 7:30 am, -2.7° and -3° this morning. But starting tomorrow it is supposed to be hot 30° to 32° will be the warmest days so far this year.


  1. Socks are great - that dark blue is really striking with the pops of color

  2. I love the sock, and that pattern down by the toe was a great idea!


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