Another Black Bear

Black bear #3 so far this season. Everyone in valley reporting more than usual amount of the critters.

Woke up this morning to cows bellowing for their calves, prolly 30 head + calves in my yard and neighbor that they belong to isn't in any hurry to remove them. Not much I can do to get them out. Cows on green grass leave behind big deposits

Len and Denise are coming out tomorrow to install the two new doors on the back room of my house, will be nice to be able to leave big door open on upcoming hot days. Can't do that now with no screen door, house would soon be full of skeeters and other flying critters. Will make a big bowl of macaroni salad for lunch and Denise is bringing two rotisserie chickens.

This morning at 6am Tatlako was again the coldest spot in BC +1 C. guess weather doesn't care that it is June.

PS One rider and one dog got all the cows out of here in about 10 minutes, altho rider is still looking for stubborn cow & calf up in spruce swamp. Hopefully rider will take them all home.


  1. From the smallest (mosquito/maringouin) to black bears, you certainly have interesting critters! Glad you are getting new doors. Hope your visitors are good company, too.

  2. Do you think those are three distinct bear individuals or just one guy really getting around?

    You really do live an interesting life up there in your valley.

    1. Different colors and sizes, not likely to be the same bear'.

    2. Hi Lynne:
      Always happy to hear about your adventures with spinning, knitting and the wild life. In case you haven't heard, Jean Miles' husband passed away almost two weeks ago. I'm sure she'd like to hear from you if you haven't already been in touch. Sue

  3. I'm curious how the bears and the cows get along. Seems a calf would make a nice meal for a hungry black or grizzly bear, but maybe I don't know enough about bears, or cows? Anyway, as others have said, you live in an interesting valley...just be careful when you step out the door. You have a variety of obstacles to navigate in your yard!

  4. I think I'd find the cows to be more company than the bears!! Nice to have a screened door to let in some air if you ever get summer up your way since no one but the Swallows want the skeeters!! While it hasn't been hovering close to freezing here on the Wet Coast, I dug out my wool sweater yesterday because it sure hasn't been warm neither. Keep on Socking!!!

  5. I'm glad you are getting the new doors on the back room of your house, but a little bit concerned about you leaving doors open with only a screen between you and the neighbourhood bear population. I have a friend who had a black bear climb into her house through a window. It made an incredible mess, and took the COs a couple hours to remove.


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