Saturday, May 6, 2017

Williams Lake Spin In

Just back to Denise's after WLSI, how come so tired from just talking and spinning. Will stay in one more night then head west in the morning. Smaller than usual crowd, and only 4 vendors but a really good time. Didn't buy anything this trip, fibre wise. Did get a much needed haircut yesterday. Tomorrow won't be getting much in grocery line, a few fresh veggies, maybe I'll get lucky and lettuce products will be back in stock.

Saw 20+ deer and one moose on the way in Friday.


  1. I suspect that at a spin in, with good company, one just keeps spinning. Alone at home you would take a break and not spin so long, eh? Hope it's a good tired.

  2. You are such a spirit Lynne! Sounds like a lovely, friendly group that you meet up with to "talk and spin". Do post pics of .your latest spun yarns and socks. And keep us posted on the wildlife you encounter. Love that! Until next time .............


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