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Finally unloaded pix from camera to iPhoto from the Williams Lake spin in, just over a week ago , not to bad for as slow as I have been moving. First pix is before people started showing up, then same area with spinners.

I also finally got the new electric plying wheel set up, and now know why it was for sale so cheap, herky jerky and tension so delicate that its almost impossible to use, so think I'll take it to fall DM and see if I can move it down the line, just might be perfect for someone that wants to spin art type yarns.

Have been working on socks for KH and finished the first pair of fatties for Nolan (two strands odd balls Opal knit together).

Cold wet spring day lows 40's F so far with just enuff rain that ground can soak it all up. Will for sure start weeds growing, toad flax, dandelions (OK with them) and likely something new this season. Not much exciting for today, will try and finish the plying job and make a big pot of chicken with rice soup.


  1. I was sorry to miss this the WL Spin In this year, but plan to be there in 2018. A couple gals in our Kamloops group have Hansen Espinners and really like them. Very rainy start to the week, but in the bright sunshine at the moment. Take care! Terry

  2. Sorry to hear you don't like it. I thought you could make it work. Vikki wanted it though.


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