The Bears

The bears are winning the count, so far I have seen 3 grizzlies (not in my yard yet), two blacks right in the yard. First one was to late in evening for a pix but yesterdays was right up close and it was just 11 am so perfect for picture taking. The griz were in what we used to call the upper hay field and much to far away for a pix with just my point & shoot camera. However I'd bet my yarn stash that sooner or later they will show up much closer, likely right in the house yard. I am keeping a camera in kitchen for west shots and one in the wool room for east shots.

Took some time from KH's socks to make a couple of pair of booties for CF in town. With sock yarn and 2.4 mm needles they are I think newborn size. But with most of bootie in garter stitch they do stretch in all directions.

Weather is finally looking like early summer temps, for only the second time this year I have windows open in my wool room. High today predicted to be 28°C (82°F) and even a touch warmer for tomorrow. People that garden are delighted to be able to get planting done, usually its after the first week of June before frosts at night are finished. I am sure looking forward to swiss chard, beet greens, spinach etc.

I went into town last Wednesday, stayed over and picked up 7 flats of water, Denise buys it for me when its on sale, was glad to get it as I had been down to just 3 bottles. My house water certainly is not the greatest for drinking, it works for everything else so not complaining too much. And now with an upcoming DR's appointment have to go back in on 30th, I haven't seen him in close to a year, its time to get meds refills and he won't do it unless he sees me. While in ordered 10 pounds extra, extra lean grass fed ground meat, enuff to last me another year. Ordered it W and was able to pick it up before leaving town at noon (frozen) on Thursday


  1. Bears!! Glad not to worry about Bears where we are but had a session with what I think was a Bobcat early the other morning, then a couple of evenings later seen it run across the yard, now tonight a coyote went across the front yard. What is going on, hope my cats stay safe. Love the booties, they are so cute!

  2. Great photo of that black bear. It's a gorgeous one! You must be very certain of the grizzlies showing up in your yard if you would bet your yarn stash on it. :-)

  3. Have the bears ever tried to get into the house, I would guess they might think of food being in there.

  4. Love the booties,black bears here(Virginia)have been seen coming into town, I guess looking for food.


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