Spinning spring colors

Several years ago I bought two shades of green from Reflection Farms at conference, well aged in the stash. Used some of it in the mish mash of greens I did earlier, but still quite a bit of both greens still available. So while I am in the mood to finish bags I kept going on the first green, sides I like seeing green since it will be several months before anything green shows up outside. Spinning it into what will be a fingering weight, nice for socks or maybe even a shawl.

Made motel reservations for Whidbey Islands spinning weekend, am really looking forward to going down and especially seeing flowers and green grass. Will be meeting Val there and will pick up the folding wagon she picked up for me, will make hauling stuff into spinning room so much easier. And planning on using it for Desert Mesa and anywhere else I go that I need to move spinning wheel, fiber, suitcase etc.

Found this somewhere on the 'net' and thought it was written for me. I usually take at least as much (or more) yarn as I do clothes, after all can always do laundry someplace but can't always find the yarn I want or need.

Dentist app't was changed to Jan 31, the water running down my driveway sort of scared me into canceling and staying home on the 17th, my mouth tho will sure feel better once I can get in. And as usual a much needed haircut, banking, car wash and a big grocery order. Haven't been in since November 17, needless to say am out of all produce now except for a few mini carrots. Salad fixing will be what I am craving most.


  1. I'll tell my husband to "suck it up" next time he complains about a salad greens shortage! In fact, we're headed out to Whole Foods to restock this morning - an opportunity to rib him! Hope you have a great trip to town on the 31st.

  2. Lovely green Lynne! We are surrounded by it here now that the snow has melted. When is your shining weekend at Whidbey? Hopefully we can have a meet-up at Tim's!


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